Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ASH is BACK with Draft


Stay tuned because Draft Magazine has plugged in and is JAMMIN with us!
They dropped off current issues for the whole class .

Yummy recipes & great articles!

Draft will also be hosting an event at jam in the near future that
won't be like any other you can find in AZ! Whoohoo!

made it out to do a follow up class at jam on homebrewin
and he has definitely captivated our attention and
started a fan-base through jammers!

Now, I am no expert, but Dennis's last class {link here} was more on extract brewing and last night he talked a lot about all grain brewing.

Check out this little toy - Barley crusher.

Do you know what a carboy container is? I do!
Dennis brought some beer from 2010 Oktoberfest in a carboy and it was
tinted orange kinda like a Marzen beer. (Funny I knew that!)

So, the key to this homebrewin all grain, again, is boil boil boil. Clean, kill bacteria, condense it down and drive off certain compounds.
(DES - what is that?
Look it up . . .you don't want it in your beer.)
Sweetness? How do you get that in your beer taste?

Also - yeast! Do you know what this is to beer? The magic.
Basically just know that a beer is not beer without yeast

You can buy it like this in liquid form too.

Dennis brought lots of books that he likes - and he has read em - trust me.

What does attenuate mean?
How much sugar gets eaten up (reduced) is what how we measure what the alcohol content in the beer ends up being . . .

That is a key ingredient.
Do you know what Hops is?
Its a flower from a vine.
I tasted it raw - looks like rabbit pellets. It was not tasty by itself.

Back in the day the Germans used to tax the hops when making beers and they said that you had to use it in order to call a beer a beer.
Look up Reinheitsgebot. (aka German Purity Law.)

Also - look at "Girls pint out." Thanks Maureen for being so cool.
This is us watching a link that Dennis shared with us of Maureen speaking at Ignite last year.

Check out the link here.

Rice hulls . . . the "rising" method of this in beer brewing is called sparging.
Did you know that? Dennis does!

We tasted a cherry chocolate porter. Yummy. Different huh. Did you know that there are at least 80 styles of beer in the BJBC.

Looking forward to JAMMIN with Dennis again. He is off to the National Homebrewers Conference this June in San Diego if you wanna meet him there!

Can't wait to see what goodies he comes back with!

Like I said, stay tuned for the Draft Magazine event coming to jam!
We're freakin JAMMIN!

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