Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Making Magic in 2014

Well!  What can I say?  It's magical around here!  

JAM just celebrated 3 years on December 1, 2013. 
"A place of magic and bliss."  
"We tap into your spirit & it feels like home."  

It's been so awesome learning and loving this sweet place.  

I have learned a lot about me.  
And, in my opinion, it's all about self growth.  
For me, JAM has been magical.  I am grateful.

Love this life.


I started this year on the East coast with one of my dearest friends, Natalie. 
We played in the snow . . . our way.  
Wearing dresses & jewels.  

Natalie is an anesthesiologist in Boston and while at work on Thursday, January 2nd, she received a text from me that read, 
"hurry home for the photoshoot :)))".  
And, that's how it began.


People ask me all the time about my love and fervor for life.  
They tell me that they are in awe with my upbeat personality 
and positive outlook. 
I hear that my charisma is infectious & that I am inspirational.  

Wow. Seriously wow.  To me, that's living a dream.

Every time I hear those statements, it fills my heart. 
It never gets old.  I am addicted.  I am addicted to loving and to being loved.  I crave connection and I touch people's spirit. 
And, when I hear that, I feel honored that someone 
let me into theirs.

All of us have strengths and weaknesses.  
For the past decade, 
I have been very intentional on focusing on my strengths.  
My hypnotherapist, aka life coach, once told me that one of my life's fortunes has been that 
people open up their hearts and their homes to me.  


So,when I started my business December 1, 2010, all these traits about me were already there . . . alive & breathing . . . I simply wanted to create another outlet for them.  
I came up with JAM.

That winter I posted a picture that was taken of me with my two brothers, Jonathan and Max, and 
I asked people, "what's your magic"?  
These two guys are included in the core of mine. 

I also emailed dozens of my friends asking them, 
"if you could learn 10 new things today, what would they be"?  

See, I needed to create something bigger than me.  Something great - something magical that people could feel and see - something they could experience.  
I wanted to do that because that's what I was craving. 
What I have always craved.  See, that's who I am.  
I have love to give.  I want to be loved.  
I recognize today is a gift and I am grateful for the opportunity.  
I want to surround myself with people that share that excitement.

This life . . . it's just too fun! 
And, I have learned to be grateful for all of it.  
The not so good & the greatest of all! 
Everyday is an adventure, and that is the way I embrace it.

In my journey, I have learned that I am worthy. 
It's true.  
I'm worthy of all of it. No matter what I thought, or what I experienced, or what "they" told me, or what I told myself, 
I am worthy of all of life's miracles.  
And, guess what?  I am a magical ingredient in this life. 
To myself, my brothers, my family, my friends, my Shvivee dog, my community & my JAM.  

And guess what else?  So are you.  
YOU are a magical ingredient in this life!

 Back to when I opened JAM. 
I had in mind the duplication of my business in other markets, how much fun that would be, and the residual income that could bring.  
And, that is still a possibility that is on the horizon.  

What I didn't give much attention to was the fact that there were so many avenues where I personally, Shauna Jean outside of JAM, had so much to offer.   

So, I am trusting that process, open to everything that serves me, 
attached to nothing, 
and currently living a dream. 

2014 is about welcoming love.

Originally, I used this blog to connect with JAM 
fans and to document our journey and growth as a 
business and as a community.  
As we grew, I put this blog on the back burner and gave my attention to the most demanding things in my days . . . business away from the blog.  

This year, I plan on using this platform to share my spirit with you.  
To spread the JAM 
about the projects that I believe in 
& about the people that inspire me.  

The truth is, I know rad people. 
Furthermore, I am living from and wonderful at 
working from my beliefs.

So, there it is.  My magic.  

I work from my heart and my beliefs.  
I practice my gratitude. I share. I dance. I love. I reflect.
I always do MY best. 
My best to work from love. 
To make choices, and think 
from love - not fear. 
I focus on what I can control. 
I work hard at not personlizing others actions. 
I keep my word. I dont assume.  Sound familar? 
I am commited to personal growth. I take care of me so I can take care of those I cherish.
I stay open to new opportunity and operate toward win-wins.
I say I love you. I say thank you. 
I seek teachers and give my heart away.

Heal & grow!  
As my friend Bhante Sujatha says, heal through loving kindness.
Get out there and create your magical moments. 
Be happy, well and peaceful in that magical spirit of yours.
That spirit that only YOU have to offer!


Happy JAMMIN 2014. May it be full of love, laughter, good health and lots of miracles!

Feel free to follow, comment, share, & inquire.

Natalie Kyla Bruno, January 2014


Shauna Jean Kupetz, January 2014