Thursday, April 21, 2011



We. Are. Vividly. Evolving. Women Gathering!

"What a night we had! A small but powerful group gathered together, (ages 23-48) to begin learning about the POWER of the Feminine. How we all have access to it, both men and women, and how we have been divorced of it for too long. It is time to bring balance back into the world, creating union between masculine and feminine energies, the doing and the being, the external and the internal! And it all starts inside each and everyone one of us."

- Micheline Green, Life Coach

As a female business owner and artist I see now more than ever where my feminine and masculine energies are needed - often at the same time - to make the best decisions I can. I know that your W.A.V.E practice will serve my personal and professional life very deeply. W.A.V.E is both powerful and magical for me and I can’t wait for more!” -class participant

WAVE is beginning a three week gathering. Three times a week for three weeks to help participants begin their own personal daily practices. Classes will be small and intimate and be broken done into discussion, meditation, and stretching and breathing.

**If interested in gathering with us. Please contact, Micheline Green, M.ED**

Micheline Green pictured above

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