Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday's Spring Egg Hunt & Apron Party was JAMMIN


& jammin rendezvous?!

Hot Chick Aprons held a splendid event for the little chick-ka-dees.
It was a JAMMIN Spring Egg Hunt & apron party for the little ones!

Did you know that aprons used to be used to carry the
eggs from the coup to the kitchen?!
All the eggs in this little hunt were carried in their aprons
as practice for use of the aprons carrying eggs.

When the children arrived we had already hidden a few hundred eggs - full of healthy treats such as banana chips, dried apples, raisins & annies honey bunnies.

Look how easy it was to inspire healthy eating!! :)

Short introductions were done, a small apron history lesson
was taught, we got our places situated &
set some simple ground rules:
-no pushing
-no more than 2 eggs can be carried at a time
-little ones in the front yard
-bigger kids in the back & side yards

You gotta watch out for the older ones because they are little negotiators!

After that it was 1, 2, 3 & GO! They were off!

. . . . and the cuteness continued!
Lots of happy faces & so much fun in the sun!

Thank YOU Hot Chick Aprons! Happy Spring to you!

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