Friday, March 15, 2013

Miller Market on 1st Street

Our Thursday Evening Market in 
Old Town is so JAMMIN!!

The sweetest little market in town!

Our vendors are amazing - their products are to live for - and the community is lovely!

(Foodatude!  Soy free, dairy free, grain free & gluten free yummies!)

(Flora Apothecary)

(Shauna, Jonathan & Max of JAM)

(Celebrating RJ of The Urban Table's 
50th birthday with our Miller Market Family)

Make sure to swing by - there are 6 more left before we break for Summer. March 21 & 28, and the 4 Thursdays in April.  

(Bicylette . . . Inspired by the bike.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food Photography with Heather Gill at JAM

This past Saturday was a JAMMIN day for a Food Photography Class!

Heather Gill brought it and the group had a gorgeous afternoon!

Thank you Grace for sharing the sweet pic you captured of our Shvivee dog carrot investigating!  

For more information on classes & workshops offered at JAM, 
please go to: 
or feel free to call 480.522.5410.