Thursday, April 21, 2011

Medicinal Salve with Valley Permaculture Alliance

JAMMIN with Valley Permaculture Alliance

Valley Permaculture Alliance showed up to JAM with
Linda Curry from True Balance Wellness.
She taught the jammers how to make
medicinal salve with ingredients that grow right in our
Arizona desert.

Herbal Preperation Instructions included . . .
. . . . from the ground to the branch to the process o the jar for YOU!

Mormon tea, Chaparral & Gogi berries were all present!

We made Chaparral Salve . . . "simple nature" as Linda would say.

(Chaparral pictured above)

Desert plants anyone?

Full-on slide show was presented . . . Linda went through every step
and answered all sorts of questions to
help people understand the wide variety of uses of our desert plants.

What's a tincture? Decoction? Tea or plant? Safe or poisonous?

Olive oil, cheese cloths, beeswax & more . . .

Strain the infused liquid from the plants . . .

(shredded beeswax pictured above)

Wha-laa! There ya go - first aid made all natural!
And, it was SO jammin!!!

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