Sunday, July 31, 2011

French Chic

We've gone French Chic @ JAM and can't wait to have some jammin
oh-la-la fun with you!
Tap into your spirit & spread the jam!


Love, Miss JAM

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simplicity Parenting is Simply JAMMIN

Simplicity Parenting for YOU

In this era of “too much,” how can we provide our children stability, calm & the opportunity to experience deep connection? ♥ Micheline Green, M.Ed., Life Coach, School Counselor & Parent Educator has introduced the Simplicity Parenting Program. ♥ ♥ ♥ Participants walked away with a deeper understanding of integrating simple & sustainable changes in their homes & an infusion of inspiration & hope in their lives. ♥

Thank you Micheline, we love jammin with you!

Micheline will be conducting The Simplicity Parenting Workshop Series.
It is a 7 week program on Saturday mornings from 10 AM - Noon
at Phoenix Country Day School.
Classes start August 6 for 7 consecutive weeks and are $75 per participant.
This includes course materials, workbook & class fee.
This does not include the book itself.

Please email Cristen at to register, maximum of 8 participants.

"SImplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer,
Happier, and More Secure Kids"
by Kim John Payne, M.Ed.

"I felt that the class was very inspiring and insightful and it was really well laid out the hour and half and the structure of the theme. Being that it was the 1st time I have heard Micheline speak, it made me want to take more of Micheline's classes also continue to be around her." -Ricki Uster

"I love it - I think it is something we have been doing without knowing what it was that we were doing and that was a good feeling. I love Micheline - she is great . . . awesome - I would love to take the class when the time comes up. I am definitely going to buy the Simplicity Parenting book." -Telma Friedberg

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


~Aunt CC is JAMMIN~

How fun to have these 2 darling nieces as your models!

No wonder CC’s mixes creativity, fun, fashion & uniqueness to create stylish handmade pieces for your little one.

CC’s was started in 2010 by Collyn Hawley, a newlywed, clinical interventionist for children with autism, & owner of a mobile spray tanning business. Growing up in a creative & very artsy family, "CC" began sewing at an early age. She remembers learning from & helping her mother sew quilts when she was just 8 years old.

CC is inspired by her two energetic and vibrant nieces, Ava & Mia. She takes her passion for fashion and love for children to create high quality customized pieces that are affordable.

"I am so excited to be a part of JAM. I can’t wait to take my ideas and make perfect outfits for your prince or princess!" - Collyn

tanks $20

tulle tutus $25

custom happy faces - priceless

CC's also makes:
custom fabric pennant banners
baby one-zies
feather and tulle dresses

JAMMIN on Sonoran Living

Jewelry Junque Topiaries with Shauna Jean
on Sonoran Living Live

We love spreading the jam with you Andi!

Andi on today's Sonoran Living segment with owner of JAM, Shauna Jean:

"So, what do you do with the many pieces of jewelry that you have been given over the years?

You know, the broach that your Great Grandma gave you that is missing a stone, or the single earing that you know you will never find the match for. I store all of mine in a drawer that only gets opened maybe once a year.

Shauna Kupetz, owner of JAM , on the other hand, turns her junk jewelry into a beautiful jewelry topiary, and now you can too.

Here's all you need...
- You'll need a store bought topiary mold
- Ceramic, metal or wood base
- Wooden dowel
- Glue gun and glue sticks
- Sturdy wire cutter for trimming jewelry
- Floral arranging pins
- Ribbon & or burlap garland
- Combination of your own jewelry junk and store bought items from your favorite craft store

The How To's...
- Fit foam mold into base
- Dowel into topiary mold
- Dowel into base mold
- Start pinning and gluing your jewels to topiary mold
- Adorn with ribbons, paint, burlap garland etc.

Jam teaches several classes each week from how to make a yarn wreath to making jewelry topiaries. Check out their website or give them a call for more information."

Thank you Channel 15 & Sonoran Living for spreading the JAM with us!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunset Magizine Editor's Pick for US!

:: On JAM ::

"It's the coolest community center in town."

- Sunset Magazine, August 2011 Issue

What an honor to be the editor's pick in the current issue of the

NATIONALLY recognized Sunset Magazine!!!

We are looking forward to JAMMIN with all the Sunset fans!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet-N-Greet with Alisa Tyler of Only the BEst Bridal Couture

Meet-N-Greet with local designer, Alisa Tyler of
Only the Best Bridal Couture
August 4th from 6:30 - 8:30 PM @ jam!

Alisa Tyler :: If you haven't met her, you will now. Chicago native, now Valley resident will be sharing her Only the Best Bridal Couture with YOU.

An introduction. A thank you. A journey.

Her couture creations can grace your works with a timeless touch. Only the Best custom wedding gowns are designed by the bride with Alisa's expertise. This is what she does best.

Come enjoy a glass of wine, listen to DJ Kim Fresh. We'll look forward to seeing you for a taste of jam couture with Alisa's Only the Best.

Friday, July 22, 2011

What's New on Winifred Street?! Find out NOW!

What is new or up & coming on Winifred Street you ask?

Terry Parvan has a new line of cards all about SHE & what SHE can do. New covered vintage bottles. New heart shapes. New inspiration journals for doodling, writing, & more. This blissful heart has stayed very busy and continues to fill our love tanks!

For those of you that are already fans, you can expect to see more of the same goodies you love so much and also some additions using different textures using fabric, raw canvas, metals, wood. Between you and I . . . I heard heard Terry Parvan, founder and designing artist of Winifred Street saying that there could possibly t-shirts & posters with declarations in the future. Possibly canvas totes with declarations too!

We asked Terry where her love for what she does comes from, and she said, "I lose myself in the project and go with my flow. Creating is very calming, relaxing, energizing, stimulating, validating, promising, nurturing, forgiving." That would explain why we see all this in her work. Terry says, "I’m just a girl in the world who has something to share through words, quotes, art, heart."

Here is how you can embrace & support Terry's work: "Tell everyone, everyday about JAM and what happens there. Everyday is a new opportunity to spread your message, what you see JAM as evolving into, where it’s going. Don’t be afraid to shout it out. Those who matter don’t mind hearing from you and those who mind don’t matter!" That is Winifred Wisdom for you!

Beauty full Terry!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

JAMMIN with Draft

We are JAMMIN with Draft
Magazine & Lovin it!

Erika Rietz started the now internationally recognized beer lovin magazine,
in 2006 out of our local community in Tempe Arizona.

It is a hit! Everyone loves it and everyone is jammin with DRAFT!
Taking you on adventures in your travels & meals - DRAFT is in the know - enhancing your beer drinking knowledge and experiences.
(you can find that summer-fun flip-flop opener in the current issue of DRAFT)

Erika & her husband David were so jammin & definitely brought the goodies. :)

In order of our tasting of summer fun fresh beers, we enjoyed:New Belgium Somersault
Saison Dupont (love!)
Papago Orange Blossom (love!)
Left Hand Milk Stout
Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi
Redstone Meadery Sunshine Nectar (yummy - kinda like wine and beer fused)

Great pics huh! Blackberry camera + beer tasting =
fuzzy pics & a jammin time!

DRAFT has found there way to make generous thumbprints on the community locally & nationally. You can currently jam into This Explore Your Craft event is something they do with Widmer, and they will be in San Francisco, Seattle and Orlando. Let's not overlook that they cool sh*t . . . . they are running a few great giveaways, including a grill & a kegerator for our recipe contest, and a trip to Deschute's Basecamp.

Details for this can be found at

Another event not to be overlooked is November 5th :: The RareAffair . . .
this raises money for Brain Cancer research.
Info will be posted on

You will find DRAFT Magazine JAMMIN with us again in the fall for
another seasonal tasting!
Thank you Erika & thank you DRAFT for be so JAMMIN!
Yall make beer cool in so many tasty ways!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rayetta's BUTTON Bags are JAMMIN with US!

Button Bags are JAMMIN

Handmade Buttons

Amy Wristlets ($22)

Baby Quilt ($64) & Diaper Bag ($59)

After many years as a stay-at-home mom, Rayetta Nathe started her business, rayetta’s homemade treasures, in 2008. Colorful, functional bags along with sweet baby quilts are Rayetta’s specialty. She enjoys using vibrant, contemporary fabrics to create unique, handmade creations.

Rayetta grew up in the Phoenix area with 3 brothers. When one of them was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, it was devastating news. As a result of being moved by the support of her brother’s community, she decided to volunteer locally to assist people affected by HIV. To combine her passions for sewing and helping others, Rayetta made the commitment to donate a portion of the proceeds from every bag & quilt to an HIV agency.

Rayetta lives in Peoria, Arizona. When not sewing, she enjoys working out, traveling and spending time with her family.


Rayetta's Button Bags on facey

Friday, July 15, 2011



Alex Norrie Swimmers from Australia are getting tons of JAMMIN love!

Thank you to Arizona Reporter Jaimee Rose for confessing hers in her style blog!

Come get em while they last!

OH Bonjour . . . we love Pennant Banners

Personalized Pennant Banners

Mine reads Bonjour.

Caroline & Cat signed up and they went to town - nothing like getting a mother-daughter creative duo together!
Many of you have heard of Caroline - she owns BOHO Farm + Home . . . . well, needless to say her banner now reads HARVEST. And, Cat, such a shining light in herself, her banner now reads CREATE. Terry, did you hear that?!

Burlap Ribbon
Sewing Machine
Antique Brass stencils that I just brought back from Carlsbad New Mexico

Sewing the edges of our burlap triangle pieces so they don't fray.

PIcking our stencils.

Painting - dabbing actually.

Getting creative when there isn't a "C" big enough for your banner - using the "O".


Wednesday, July 13, 2011



jam jars
floral wire
hot glue

We took this . . .

and made this!

Just in time for some good-ole-fashion JAMMIN!

What have you done for your spirit lately!?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I hope you found some place beautiful to get lost during our JAMMIN holiday this past Monday!

jUst. Say. jAm.

This was my view sitting on a dock off the Pecos River in New Mexico with friends during Fireworks . . . . feet off the edge watching the sky light up - what a precious memory.

:: Reminder :: We are JAMMIN closed this week, reopening for regular JAMMIN Tuesday, July 12th.

Heather Gill Photography will keep you JAMMIN year-round!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jaime Fowler of Blue Penguin Shop JAMS

Scherenschnitte :: Paper-cutting
Presented by:
Jaime Fowler of Blue Penguin Shop

Yup, she's jammin with us!
Jaime Fowler, founder and artist behind Blue Penguin Shop has a little talent in a lot of things! One being paper-cutting . . . a semi-lost art.

Her favorite paper-cutting blog/source is
(Tell em the Blue Penguin sent ya!)

She brought templates - we used black paper, chalk, pencils & razor blades!

How sweet & romantic it can be . . .

Do you see me and Shvivee on the left!? I LOVE this! 4ever!!!!

Thank you Jaime for JAMMIN with us! You are so JAMMIN and we love your craftiness!
To place orders through Blue Penguin, you can contact Jaime via Blue Penguin facebook.