Sunday, April 17, 2011


Meet Raymond Prohs - co-founder of Shivaloka Soul Jewelry, an

amazing jewelry line that we have started to carry at jam!

We had a welcome party yesterday to celebrate the arrival of the jewelry to Arizona & to our shop. It was such a treat to meet Raymond and have him here to meet people who have fallen for his jewelry and hear him speak to the people who were wanting to learn more. Talk about a knowledgeable man.

Raymond — a powerful healer, spiritual teacher, astrologer, & author, shared some amazing knowledge, and many of the secrets behind the history & design of Shivaloka’s beautiful, healing “personal power objects”.

A smidge about Shivaloka :: Since ancient times, objects of immense power have adorned India's holy men and women…as well as her rulers. Found in Nature — their use prescribed by great spiritual masters — these objects open a direct connection with the Divine, increase wisdom, protect from the forces of negativity, and awaken shakti, one's own spiritual power.

Now, at the turn of the Age, Shivaloka™ is reviving this ancient tradition with sacred jewelry designed for our modern times. Using India's holy power beads — genuine rudraksham, lotus & tulsi seeds, and pearls, carefully sourced in India, Indonesia and other parts of Asia — we handcraft exquisite designs, combining them with finest precious & semi-precious healing gems.

In the making of these fine products, Shivaloka™ provides life-security to indigenous artisans in Bali and the perpetuation of their craft. In addition, a substantive portion of the profits goes to “hands on” charities around the globe directly aiding the poor at the local level.

Shivaloka™ is a collaboration of a group of powerful healers in a divine lineage of supreme Indian masters. Each design is created after long periods of meditation and every piece is blessed to further empower the holy beads.

Experience the sublime energy and positive changes in your life that surely come when wearing Shivaloka Soul Jewelry™, the world's most unique and elegant concept for conscious accessorizing. Om Namah Shivaya!

Shivaloka's Mala Sundari (Standing for Beautiful Woman)

Authentic happiness and kindness was shared.
Thank you Shivaloka & jam for bringing us together!

Swathi Maa - co-founder & designer of Shivaloka Soul Jewelry

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  1. It was a great pleasure to meet everyone. Shauna, you're the best...truly. Thank you for taking such good care of us. JAM is amazing.
    Much love and peace and great success...always,