Thursday, March 10, 2011



Barley, Water, Hops & Yeast . . . .

Thank you Dennis for an amazing class!
Dennis is a member of Arizona Society of Homebrewers.

Its $30 a year and I think I am gonna join just for the
yummy beer & grill-outs that they have.
If the members are anything like Dennis,
then I'd say they are the nicest people! I found out about Dennis through our very own local celebrity Ricki, of La Ricki! Her hubby,
Andrew, works with Dennis and they are both part of ASH!

Dennis is a gem! He can come JAM with us anytime!!

Whoa . . . this is a hobbyist's dream! So many ways to make this your own!

Beer coolin coils . . .

Oatmeal! So many natural ingredients go into the home-brew,
I was almost convinced it was good for me! haha

We had a beer that had macadamia nuts galore! YUMMY!

Back to basics & science for YOU! Gravity equipment?!

Paraphernalia!!! This was totally entertaining!
Thermostat, caps, pumps, filters, seaweed?!

When asked who is local for the goods, Dennis said there are
three locally that he knows about . . . of the three, he chooses these guys! Brewers Connection in Tempe. If Dennis chooses em, so do we!
The owner is Dennis's friend & I think you should go and tell him Dennis sent you!

Magazines, Books & Info for YOU!
DRAFT Magazine! Also LOCAL!
Stoked! Can't wait to meet them!

Jammin homebrewers for YOU!


  1. Thank YOU ASH - Stoked yall are in the buzz! Jammin!

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