Sunday, October 30, 2011

Touch Heals is JAMMIN

Got Pain?
Or maybe just some “nagging” sore spots that you’ve
put off dealing with because life is too busy?

(Rolling on a tennis ball will break up those sore spots! Look how involved Shvivee wanted to be!)

Touch Heals Physical Therapy presented
“Trigger Point Therapy” @ jam!

With education on "What are Trigger Points?", the Signs/Symptoms of Trigger Points,
and how to self-treat for prevention of future "sore spots".
Tracy Karas, founder and educator of Touch Heals provided
Trigger Point Therapy for all class attendees, addressing areas
of soreness and focusing on relaxation and muscle release.

Tracy Karas, P.T., D.P.T
Physical Therapist/OwnerTouch Heals Physical Therapy, LLC
9755 North 90th St.Suite A-203
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
480-253-2539 Ph.
480-451-5858 Fx.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Jammin Fall Festival was SO JAMMIN

And cute as a pumpkin!
Crafts, magic & bliss!

Gorgeous day, lovely people!

Jammin music . . .

Jammin for fun and
benefiting artists & Doves Organization. (stopping senior abuse)

Friendship :)

Spreading the JAM

Face Painting, Pumpkin Decorating

Happy faces

Tasty Treats!

A HUGE JAMMIN thank you to all the people & vendors that participated!

The Lovely Letter
Winifred Street
Friday I'm Sassy
Roxanna Menes
Amy Mac Jewelry Couture
Sacred Scares
The Bird's Nest
Ruby Mae Jewelry
Jewels Just for You
Grace Abounding
Cafe Crudo
Barbara Miller Designs
Julie Buttons
BOHO Farm + Home
Five Times Blessed
L'Intuitif Gem
B. Young Illustrations
Rebecca Rush Designs
Sirrine Studio
Classi Saks
Nanticoke Creek Art & Design
Free Ride in a Mason Jar & all the musicians that played.
Superstition Farm

My mom, Suzy
My brother Max (the "M" in jam)
Ricki of la Ricki
Alicia of Hot Chick Aprons
Tosca of Pebble Planet
Nina Brown for the pictures you see here.

And, all of you - the JAMMERS!

Yall come back now ya hear ;)
Love, Miss JAM

(At Area Agency on Aging with Gerry presenting a percentage of proceeds from
Jammin Fall Festival to Doves Organization)

Simplicity Parenting this Friday!

THIS Friday, October 28th @ JAM!

10-11:30AM :: Simplicity Parenting with Life Coach

Micheline Green

Do you feel like your children are being

exposed to TOO much?

Do you worry about what your kids will

experience once in school?

Are you feeling like our fast paced

society is creeping TOO much into your

family life?

You’re not alone……Many parents feel just

like you do….If you answered yes to any or all of the

questions above then perhaps you are becoming aware

that something needs to change! Parents are gathering all

around the world to connect, collaborate and care for

the future of their children by learning and discussing the

small but very doable changes the Simplicity Parenting

Program offers.

“You are your child’s expert! We honor

where you are at and your willingness and

commitment to create sustainable change

for your children.”

For More information this upcoming event, please contact:

Micheline Green, M.Ed

Phone 602-405-9853

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Picket Fences at JAM

Rustic Couture has never looked so JAMMIN!

This is REALLY happening!
Spread the JAM!!!

The first Thursday of the next 6 months!
7-9PM @ JAM!

November 3
December 1
January 12
February 2
March 1
April 5

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jewels Just for YOU Trunk Show @ JAM TODAY!

Jewels Just for YOU Breast Cancer Awareness trunk show happening NOW!!!

Carolyn Stertzer Attal will be jammin @ JAM 'til 6PM! ♥ Come by and see all the jewels that are just for you - all the proceeds from today's sales go to Breast Cancer Awareness! Spread the JAM!

Jewels Just for YOU

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We love JAMMIN with Scottsdale Public ART! Bring on the Wisdom Winifred Street!

Winifred Wisdom is REAL! Really JAMMIN!

Jam is loving that we have collaborated with Scottsdale Public Art & the journal classes that we are teaching through their movement truly touch the heart!

Terry Parvan of Winifred Street taught last night's class for Scottsdale Public Art's 100+ Journal Movement!

"Thank you Terry Parvan for being you! For inviting me to participating in the Embracing a heART Full Life collaborative effort last night at JAM. You inspire so many women to share their love. I felt honored to create a mandala.
Bless you!"

Spread the JAM!

B.Young Illustrations is JAMMIN Alla Prima Style

Have you ever heard of Monet?

Well Alla Prima is the style of painting that he used!!

Britteny Young of BYoungIllustrations came and taught an Alla Prima painting class at JAM last Saturday - the jammers painted a bird . . . .all in small strokes Ala Prima Style.

To follow Brittney, link to her blog below! You can also find her jammin with us at our Jammin Fall Festival this coming Sunday @ JAM!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jammin Book Club Gals @ jam

JAMMIN With the Book Club Gals @ JAM

Tap into your spirit & spread the jam!
These gals are jammin, lovin' & laughin' @ Jam - discussing their latest book &
celebrating their friendship!

Ask me again why I love JAM so much - it's contagious!
I love the laughs, the people, the jammin!

What have you done to tap into your spirit today? Remember . . . jam is your home away from home & we love jammin with you!

Cheers to book clubs!

JAMMIN with The Bird's Nest on Sonoran Living

Check out our very own JAMMIN artist, Kelly Bird of The Bird's Nest,
JAMMIN with Andi Barness on Sonoran Living Live!
*video below*

We love jammin with her! Also - notice the green dress . . . yep, Ava Rose Designs! Another one of our jammin artists! And, let's not forget - those precious props of Kelly's - the burlap wreath & framed burlap accents are for sale @ jam as well! ($45 wreath & $8 for the framed pieces!)

Thanks, Kelly & thank you Sonoran Living! We love jammin with YOU!

You can meet Kelly & find all these jammin goodies @ jam this coming Sunday, October 23rd, from 3-7pm @ our JAMMIN Fall Festival!

See you there - spread the jam!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Makin Bruschetta with Chef Cullen is the JAM

Makin' and tastin' with a the chef is the JAM!

As you have probably heard by now, Chef Cullen of Crudo is having his pop-up dinners every Friday night @ jam for the month's of October & November!

So, of course we are going to take advantage of jammin with him!
Bruschetta class #1 was on the cally this past Friday and group of people came to learn from him directly!

Talk about fancy & fun!

All local ingredients and tons of tastiness.
Everyone went home with the confidence of recreating that zest that makes the bruschetta that you love!

To contact chef Cullen directly!
and you can follow him on facey *here*!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sage Organic Skincare is JAMMIN

Have you heard of Sage Organic Skincare?

Well, it was founded and is run by local gal, Amber Zoellner!

"Sage Organic Skincare, your neighborhood mini-spa where earth, beauty & health coexist. Using only the most effective organic products in an eco-friendly and toxin-free environment, Sage symbolizes simplicity and results; it's raw beauty in a fresh, blissful, and holistic environment, Preserve your natural beauty by treating yourself to a delicious and relaxing facia, or just stop in for a breath of fresh air!"

She cam out to jam and they Saged! Look at these Sagrz!!!

From organic & holistic skincare & treatment, to raw & vegan eats & treats!
It was beaty from the inside out

Cheers to a night of earth, health & beauty!

To find out more about SAge or to reach Amber ::

4636 North 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85018