Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trashy Tins

We're Gettin' Trashy 'round Here!!

And, that's okay because we are Five Times Blessed!

Nancy brought over tins, scrap paper, fabric
& modge podge - then we got down and dirty!

It's so fun to be a trashy kinda cute!

Thank you Nancy for spreading the jam with us!

(Heather Gill Photography in background.)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Map Matting is the JAM

Yea it's "in",
yea we're doin' it & yea, it's JAMMIN!
Hello New York!

Take it - spray it - matte it & frame it!

JAMMIN Jar Decor

Yup, jammin is how we roll!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


(Terry Parvan of Winifred Street)

(Shauna Jean, a.k.a Miss Jam)

We did some major jammin this past weekend!

(Alicia Doell of Hot Chick Aprons)

Started Saturday off at BOHO Farm + Home & had our shop open as usual & then followed it up with Scottsdale Public Art's Picnic with a Fish on Soleri bridge in old town Scottsdale!

Thank you to all of you who came out to spread the jam with us!
Picnic with the Fish with Scottsdale Public Art

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wine Bottle Wall Vase

So Couture!

Wow! We have some jammin fun round here!

We used old wood, some jammin hardware & wine bottles
to make some chic wall valences!
Measured up,

applied hardware,

and voila, here you have it!
We're jammin!
It looks awesome.

Can be used for candles or flowers.
Have a jammin day. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chicken Wire Jam Sesh always makes it way back on the CALLY!

We just love our chicken wire - this class always makes itself back in the rotation!

I love the mother daughter duo in this class & also the oversized frame with a textured matte! "se chic"

Wine Cork Letters = JAMMIN

This gal liked some 2008 Oregon Pinot!!

Four letters later, it spells V I N O!!! Such a jammin way to add some
personalized & jammin spruce to your home decor!

Pearl Knotting with Jewels Just for YOU

Does it look hard?!
Well, I heard it was! haha

Round needle nose pliers . . . silk string, jump rings, pearls,
clasps & a LOT of instruction and focus!
All the gals chose their color of pearls and decided on a design.

Whah-lah, jammin with Jewels Just for YOU!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

WhooHoo!!!! JAMMIN!

You can see it here in this month's Arizona Foothills Magazine - "JAM for Best Local Boutique"! It's an honor to be recognized as Best Local Boutique - especially in our first year open! Thank you for your support & also for spreading the jam! ♥ Remember to tap into your spirit - go out there and be great!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mixed Media JAMMIN Tuesday 'round Here

Ya never know what you're gonna get from
a jar of JAM! :)

Terry Parvan instructed this past Tuesday's jam-sesh - Winifred Street, Hello Serendipity & Five Times Blessed have made a ritual of their first Tuesday Jam-seshes!
Lots of canvas, paper, modge podge, ink & more! When I say more, I mean:
used dryer sheets, tags from products, coffee filters etc.
A little paint!

"Shine your light on someone's day?!" - Terry Parvan

Friday, March 2, 2012

Valley Permaculture Alliance is JAMMIN

And Vynnie the Gardner is leading the way!!!

Part 4 of the Vegetable Garden Series covered trouble shooting in the garden. Jammers learned about techniques for helping plants to cope with our most stressful seasons of frost and intense heat. Topics included: sun & frost protection, pests vs beneficial insects, recognizing nutrient deficiencies, stacking functions to increase efficiency and the importance of continued thoughtful observation.

Vynnie covered all aspects of designing a productive vegetable garden in the low desert. This is a multi-part series guided jammers through the design process so that in fall they'll be ready to plant their first garden and be eating out of it shortly afterwards.

Nothing tastes as good or is as better for you and your family than homegrown food!


How do you become a jammer!? See Pic below! :)
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