Friday, September 30, 2011

Jammin Glittered Pumpkins

Pumpkin Style!

Lots-O-Pumpkins & Lots-O-Glitter!
Pick your pumpkin, pick your glitter & get to jammin!
- Pumpkins
-Modge Podge
-Foam Brushes
Paper to return glitter to container after you are done EACH time.
-Wine, optional!

It's gonna be a JAMMIN Fall!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mommy & Me Infant Massage with Sirrine Studio

Teresa Porter graduated from massage school in 1998 and has been licensed & practicing since.

Founder & owner of Sirrine Studio . . . link here!

She specializes in Ashiatsu, Hot Stone, Sports, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, & Prenatal.
Teaching yoga and pilates in the valley since 2003, yoga has become her passion. She started doing mini yoga retreat with my yoga students back in 2009 where they go hiking somewhere here in the valley and then do yoga outside.
What a great combination and experience!

Also being Certified Infant Massage Teacher - receiving her training from Tina Allen, the founder of LIddle Kidz Foundation, he teaches parents how to massage their infants to toddlers in a 4 week class to help with childhood issues such as teething, constipation, colic, and to help them sleep longer and better.

To learn more about what Sirrine Studio can offer to you go to

We are stoked to be jammin with her!

Look at our little jammers!

The sweetest faces! Thank you Teresa for jammin with us!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Picket Fences @ jam! Coming to YOU November 2011

Hello! Miss JAM here!

Picket Fences is starting this November (running through April) as a "specialty night", ONE night a month @ jam. (The first Thursday of each month from 7-9pm to be exact!)

It's invitation only & I've invited leaders, pioneers, "rustic couture", & specialty niches that are not usually found all in one place. (there is a list below of who's on list to be invited as of now.)

We are asking people to bring canned food to donate so that we practice giving to those who need it most regularly.)

Think:: Crusty artisans breads, homemade jams, local honey, tea, and specialty cookies. Local pastries & cheeses. Handmade organic chocolates & brittles - locally produced. Vintage! Iron pieces! Welded items, fancy pasta, seasonal crafts. China, rebars, baskets & buckets! Fresh flowers, bottles, soldered items - everyone can bring canned or non perishable items for donating and giving back to local food banks.

We are always thankful. Live music & fantasy lights for you.

Picket Fences - leaning on each other,
supporting local friends, giving back to those who need most,
soul touching & spirit awakening!!

* Get it on your cally - promote, share & spread the jam because this is a monthly event
that you will NOT want to miss! *

November 2011 through April 2012
(1st Thursday of each month except January)
Nov 3 :: HARVEST
Dec 1 :: Joy @ jam
Jan 12 :: Fresh New Beginnings
Feb 2 :: Love
March 1 :: Spring Flings
April 5 :: Playful & Jammin'

Just to name a few!

Rebecca rush Designs
Karen Biscotti
BOHO Farm & Home
The Simple Farm
BooBoo Couture
Butter & Me
Wei of Chocolate
Zack Funke Honey
Crows Dairy
Bird's Nest
Tracy Dempsy
Winifred Street
Sugar Magnolia

. . . more to come.

Look 'em up people . . . tell them that Miss Jam sent you!
You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank you to Chef Cullen of CRUDO for JAMMIN with US!

Wish I could say you heard it here first, but I can't!
Chef Cullen is JAMMIN!

Food & Wine Magazine has nominated him for best new chef - make sure to go to
their facebook (here) & vote by simply typing "Chef Cullen".

Obviously you can say that we LOVE jammin with him!
He hosted our September Member Free Event @ JAM
Mozzarella making & tasting!!!

Dipping his hands in boiling water to mold cheese curd . . .

Then dropping in ice-cold water to capture mold . . .

Yes, whah-lah! This is what he made & we tasted! Thank you for a jammin night. Crudo-style, we are so excited to be jammin with Chef Cullen an anxiously await the opening of his new restaurant in Phoenix! Yes, you heard it here! CRUDO stand-alone restaurant is coming to our neighborhood! Mozzarella bar & all!

** Follow CRUDO on facey! **

Jammin new ideas for mozzarella! Love it!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chalkboard Makin' & Framin'

Makin' & Framin' Chalkboards . . .
. . . just another way we're jammin!

Yup, we made this!
-Old frame & backing from Savers or goodwill . . .
-Spray paint for the frame . . .
-Chalkboard paint for backing . . .
-Ribbon or twine to hang!
Paint a wall, the inside of a frame, wood, metal, cardboard etc.
Get to jammin with chalkboard paint!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Five Times Blessed take us to the Eiffel Tower!

With music too!
Eiffel Tower Sketching & Watercolor

My dear friend Shea from Austin Texas came to visit and jammed-away
with us - look at her sweet face below!

Nancy Mills of Five Times Blessed swept us away to Paris with a sketch & watercolor class of the ever-so-romantic Eiffel Tower!

Nancy brought the music too . . . we were able to place our
sketches on 1920's music sheets!

Tons of tiny straight lines later . . .

and, ripped & torn edges . . .

this beautiful creation was made!

And to think Nancy sent me a picture last months with message attached saying,
"Do you think I should teach the jammers how to sketch this & we can
watercolor and glitter it too?!"

We are the ones blessed by Nancy. To see her other creations & pieces she creates . . . go to her Facebook & Etsy shop *here* and purchase away!

Nancy has also taught a Pillar Candle Class here as well! Check out the link *here*.

Monday, September 19, 2011

JAMMIN Pillar Candle Class with Five Times Blessed

Pillar Candles are Officially JAMMIN
with Five Times Blessed
Have you ever seen something so simple made into something sooooo jammin?!

Jam was blessed the day that Nancy of Five Times Blessed walked through our doors.

"Hello... My name is Nancy and I want to share my story with you....
I'm a native Arizonian, mother of five, married 26! years, artist, encourager and friend.
I have always had a creative side... as long as I can remember, I've loved making things. It has been the one consistent thing that I have always come back fills me up, makes me happy and gives me the opportunity to appreciate beauty. Words are very important to me. The power of the word is amazing. I love incorporating text into my mixed media projects because you can never have enough goodness in your life, and this is just another way to spread the love.
I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I have enjoyed making it.
May your day be filled with blessings beyond measure.
Using simple pillar candles & fancy napkins, Nancy taught our jammers how to make gorgeous decorative candles for the home.

Look what was created!!

Dear Nancy,
You are soooooo jammin! We love jammin with you!
Love, JAM

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zaaina Means Beautiful & Beautiful is JAMMIN

Zaaina Skincare is JAMMIN

Purvi Shah Desai is a leader & such a sweetheart!

What a creator of goodness!
Using all organic & 100% natural ingredients. She taught a class on skin-care at jam and showed our jammers how to make one of her most sought-after products in her cupcake-line. Her coffee & pumice body scrub!!! So scrumptious!

* Check out her shop-from-where-you are website HERE *

Purvi (right) is pictured here with Elizabeth.

Making a jammin product together was soooo cool! Yall should have smelled the kitchen - it was as if they were cooking!

Zaaina Skincare is JAMMIN!

Monday, September 12, 2011

JAMMIN IN Arizona Foothills Magazine

We love JAMMIN in the Arizona Foothills! Literally!

Thank You to Arizona FootHills Magazine for the two shout-outs in one week!
We love your jammin support!
Thank you for helping us to spread the jam!

Arizona Foothills Magazine columnist, Nadine Toren, with Out on the town with Nadine wrote up a jammin shout-out for JAM today!

Check it out *here*! Thanks Nadine - you are jammin!

AND . . . in Arizona Foothills again . . .

Thank you to Sharon Cochran for the fun write up (*read here*) for 5 new boutiques in Scottsdale!
We love jammin with you & your wonderful Rock N Couture!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Winifred Wisdom for YOU

Terry Parvan has the Winifred Wisdom that your heart loves JAMMIN with!

Founder & designer of Winifred Street, Terry creates message art that touches the spirit with a positively powerful force.

She teaches classes all around the valley - her next, a collage class, being taught at Urban Lace Sunday September 18th from Noon - 4PM. 20801 N. Scottsdale Rd. $65 per person - all supplies included & refreshments served. YOU will be CREATING a 9x12 of Paris, France or Beautiful. You can see them on her page ::

Tammy is pictured below after creating a little Winifred Wisdom at JAM this past weekend. Simple & thoughtful cards created can change an entire day!
We love JAMMIN with Winfred Street & all the Wisdom that comes from doing so!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Grab your friends & get to jammin!
Tutus welcome!
Boys & girls . . .get ready for a Jamtastic Kidtastic dance party!
We love Jammin with you!

Look how JAMMIN Kidtastics is:
Kidtastics provides private swimming lessons and lifeguard services at your home. They bring mobile gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, & yoga to different schools and community centers through the valley.

They even offer party services to your home; including DANCE, gymanstics, cheer and swim parties for your kids, making it easy for parents to engage their children in different physical activities!

Parent-Tot classes ages 13 months to 2
Gymnastics ages 2.5-12
Dance ages 3-12
Cheerleading ages 6-12
Yoga ages 3-12
Swim Lessons ages 6 months- 12 years
Lifeguard services
Party services

I love our little jammers!

Thank YOU Kidtastics for a JAMTASTIC night!!!!

Thank you to Nikki Smith, founder & owner of Kidtastics, for jammin with us!