Sunday, April 10, 2011

JAMMIN Gardening

Shannon Boomer is JAMMIN and planting her love at JAM.

Shannon has linked in and passionately follows local legend Greg Peterson &
his work at The Urban Farm.
Plug in with them because they are extremely knowledgeable
and pioneers to a healthy way of life.

Not only did she show up on a cold raining Saturday to Old Town, but she brighened it with her love and enthusiam for learning, sharing & gardening.

Basil it was - sweet little pots with fresh soil & lots of super-sweet-Shannon-garden-rocks to anchor & organize our garden beds.

We learned:
a) Not to be afraid. that will will mess up & kill lots
of plants, fruits and veggies in our journey to a green thumb;
b) That there are many ways of doing the same thing, and;
c) That we can start small & educate ourselves on symbiotic planting to make
gardening a bit easier on ourselves.

What is Symbiotic planting? It's the long-term interactions between different biological species, and when planting 2 or more plants close to one another that have symbosis, they will encourage, support and "feed" off one another.

Shannon said she was on her way home to plant her first
Hopi-3-Sisters plant later that day.
This is a famous trio of Corn, Beans & Squash.

When we asked Shannon which seeds she likes to use,
she said, Native Seeds.
"They are great for desert planting & also taken from ancestral
plants season & season over and over again."

This is one happy JAMMIN face (Monica pictured above) who
just had a JAMMIN afternoon of JAMMIN gardening
@ JAM with Shannon!
Now that's JAMMIN! haha - say that fast!

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