Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little JAMMIN Sewing for YOU

You might be seeing a lot more of Shannon Boomer jammin
around here because she has a lot to give!

She taught this basic sewing class and planned on teaching about hems, seams, buttons, etc. However, upon meeting her jammers, Shannon quickly changed the course to match their jammin plans.

Megan came in with her Auntie Sarah and she brought in a dress that she was already in the process of making. She wanted to know how to use the fabric from her dress to make a headband to match & that is where they started. The rest is jammin history.

Using some felt, and also picking a button from the button collection we have here at jam, Megan was soon sewing and decorating a headband to match. Sarah's sewing project was kept a mystery . . . I am quietly waiting to see what she got her hands into.

It's just a stitch a way!

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