Saturday, April 30, 2011

We're SO JAMMIN in So Scottsdale with our very own JAMMER, Summer Ross

Summer Ross is SO JAMMIN!

Look out . . . our gorgeous friend Summer Ross is JAMMIN in
THIS month's So Scottsdale!

May starts tomorrow and we're kickin it off with a bang in Old Town by celebrating May Day and hosting our 1st JAMMIN Flea Market & May Day event!

May is also the month of "moms" as Mother's Day is May 8th!

So Scottsdale Magazine is celebrating local mom's in this month's issue
by capturing & interviewing local mom's in fashion!

Well, look who's JAMMIN now! Our very own jammin friend, Summer Ross!

You can find her on page 78 in So Scottsdale's May 2011 issue
wearing a Dos Fannies cuff, Labyrinth bracelet & Lovely Junque necklace
all purchased @ our little slice of jammin heaven
in Old Town Scottsdale, JAM!

When So Scottsdale contacted our JAMMIN publicist, Jami Thompson,
of Shine Factory (*making brands famous*),
she immediately thought of Summer Ross!

Summer hits up jam for so many of her jammin finds!
How stoked we were when she decided to have
her photo-shoot for this issue right in our little bungalow!

She is a stunner!!!!

We are SO lucky to be jammin with her - even more because she embodies
the jammin spirit of our little space!
*Happy, authentic, true to herself, inspiring & magical in every way!*

How fortunate we are that she loves & adores all the
handmade, homemade goodies that our
jammin artists are making!

A little jam trivia: Summer's sister, Mckenzie Perini, is the jammin artist & founder of Labyrinth bracelets out of Carlsbad New Mexico!
It's one big happy-jammin family around here!

And, in honor of tomorrow's Jammin Flea Market & May day event, I thought it only appropriate to share the picture of Tara Hitchcock, Channel 3's news anchor for

Good Morning Arizona will be
filming LIVE from our JAMMIN Flea Market tomorrow from 7am-10am!

Thank you Tara for all you do to represent & touch our community!

We Love JAMMIN with you ladies - you wear "it" so well & yall are


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