Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mariana Marie

Mariana Marie Chalks it Up for LOVE!
Check out her sweet blog .here.!
She is one of the coolest things happening this Summer & we LOVE JAMMIN with her!

One of the leading experts for Bobbi Brown in the nation, and she is right in our backyard! Whewhoo!

You can find her at the local Neiman's from time to time, but she is also a talented hairstylist & photographer . . . making her way around the Valley freshening up your event!

The best part about Mariana Marie is that you get the EXPERT in the sweet & grounded girl that she is - its a 2-in-1 win with her!

When she came out for her jam-sesh, it was all about staying fresh & cool this Summer - we live in AZ - so it really hottt, but her tips can keep you fresh and cool anywhere!

An insiders secret :: These CREME brushes below are manufactured by the same company that manufactured the brushes for MAC and are the exact same brushes
but for 1/3 of the price!

Thanks for the tip Mariana! Us local celebrities, young professionals, stay at home moms and savvy shoppers appreciated the insiders knowledge!

Looking fresh & cool this summer was made easy - thank you to our two jammers below for sharing their smiles with us after jammin-it-up with Mariana!

Make sure to LIKE her Facebook Fan Page to stay in the loop and you can contact her on her Mariana Marie Website any day any time!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kit's JAMMIN Bday

la Ricki + Ei8ht = N9ne JAMMIN jammers!
Kit's JAMMIN la Ricki 9th Birthday Party

Welcome JAMMERS!

Oh la-la Ricki! So pretty!

Happy Jammers!

Jewelry Makin' la Ricki style!

Birthday girl inspired and creating!

Happy JAMMIN Birthday Kit!

You and your friends are SO jammin!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jammin Buttons with Mrs. Julie Buttons

It is SO JAMMIN that Julie Buttons is JAMMIN with us!
She is a TREASURE!!!

So, the 1st button dates back to 2000 bc.

Then, in the 13th century, the button hole was invented!
Whoa - trivia mania here we come!

Most buttons were used for Men's clothing only - pretty much until the
19th century women used hooks & lacing.

Buttons and button holes were mainly seen on the "rich & famous". Louis XIV was said to have spent $5 million dollars on buttons in his lifetime!

The National Button Society says that if a button was made before 1918 then it is called vintage or old and after that is called modern. :)
We're spring chickens if that's the case!

Our class was cute as button to say the least!

The picture you see below is an example of a charm string - these were started in Victorian times (1870-1910). Young girls would start them . . . the first button - aka the touch stone - then on every special occasion a friend or family member would give them a button to add to their charm string. The 1000th button supposedly would come from their husband to be.

Julie Buttons knows so much about buttons and has the most amazing collections. She went through different buttons, their materials, the shanks (shanks are on the back of a button :: pad shanks, loop shanks, box shanks . . . the list of shanks is endless in itself). We started off looking at hers & then after our "Buttons 101", she assisted in looking through
our buttons collections.

In this picture you will see buttons made from shells, plastic, Lucite, metal mirrored, celluloid, glass, china (also known as Satsuma) & more.

Buttons made from horns and bones! Bones are typically known for being "underwear buttons" on pajamas back in the day.

One of Mrs. Julie Buttons favorite type of button in her own collection were the black glass buttons you'll see below. She has them perfectly placed on the board to ISA standards.
Another collection that she tends to is a collection of Bakelite objects - everything from knives, cake tools, napkin rings and bracelets. Bakelite is a material that is also used fro buttons - an interesting trivia about Bakelite is that one of the ingredients used to make it is formaldehyde!

All of Julie Buttons, buttons, were organized by type and labeled in their own baggies. This made for an easy way to look through & learn for us jammers!
The wooden ones below are so JAMMIN!

Dump em out on a tray and get to sorting is what we did!

Now we have all the white together - which are plastic?
Which are glass? And, which are shell?

I felt like a little girl learning about all these secrets and mysteries! It was so jammin - we can't wait for Mrs. Julie Buttons to return in August for button art!

In the meantime, if you would like to hunt and look into buttons on your own, Julie suggests the website Button Country.
There is so much information that site is gone buttons!



Yea, you know her! Caroline Van Slyke - the Valley's coolest cat! This posh, hip, interior designer is also the founder of the ever so dreamy BOHO Farm + Home! Everyone wants to know her and everyone that knows her loves her!

And she is JAMMIN with us!

They gathered and jammed through wallpaper . . .
the myths, the facts, the musts & the BEST!

If you missed this and need-to-know, feel free to contact Caroline directly!
She's simply the best!

To reach Caroline:
602-214-5225 or email
$125/hr for CBV consultations with Caroline

Dream Pillows


I've said it before & I'll be saying it forever . . .
she taps into your spirit and manifests greatness!

Thank you Terry Parvan for your Winifred Wisdom!

If you haven't heard about her already, you better get jammin!

Founder and creator of Winifred Street . . .

"I call myself a mixed media artist who creates Affirmation Art, Message Art, heART art, Mixed Media Collage, Art Cards that have been upcycled and more. I like to use acrylic paint, paper, fabric and fiber, inks and color washes, found objects, vintage buttons and so much more. Most pieces have a vintage feel with colors that are earthy, rich and vibrant. I like my canvases to have a timeworn, aged look around the edges as if it’s been picked up and lovingly handled for many years. I never know how anything will turn out but everything has timeworn qualities and I’m always pleasantly surprised with the results.

My mantra in sharing art is to “embrace imperfection” in all that I create. So you might see a little ding here or a word that’s not quite lined up straight somewhere else. It’s really all about the message that I’m sending and there is a message within everything I create. The message is what’s most important.

Every piece is handmade, homemade and heart made.
Every piece is original, unique, one-of-a-kind.

    I do some custom work as well and if you’d like to see some of those finished pieces or are interested in a custom creation, please contact me ::"

    -Terry Parvan

    With that being said - we have her jammin every chance we get!
    What an inspirational leader she is!

    She joined us for a jammin dream pillow sesh!

    That's right - all the dreams out of your mind on the pillow case - you will be sleeping pretty with your dreams out in the world ready to come true!

    JAMMIN Winifred Wisdom for ALL!

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    JAMMIN Patriotic Creative Cones


    Kelly Miley Bird is JAMMIN!
    She shred her glitz & glitter with us in red, white & blue!
    Her decor has sold at all the hippest, poshest places in town and now,
    we are in the JAMMIN know!

    Sterling Sliver glitter anyone?!
    Yes, sterling silver shavings went on our stars!

    Use the template, cut it out in newspaper, bend your accordion pom,
    wrap the cone, tacky tape the poms & frill, tie your ribbon
    & get your star up!
    Creative inspiration with a *BANG*!
    Creative Kelly will be back in July for scrap-booking madness!
    Happy JAMMERS = HAPPY heart!

    Mine is hanging pretty waiting to be filled with love as a hostess gift to my friend Mckenzie when I visit her on the 4th!
    Thank you for JAMMIN with us Kelly! We can't wait for your return!

    Anyone interested in buying creative cones for Independence day or any holiday/occasion can reach Kelly @ 480.326.2314.

    Via Kelly the cones regularly sell for $12. (Between you & I they are known to sell in the "stores" @ a SRP for anywhere from $30- $40 depending on where you find em.) JAMMIN deal for US!

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011


    Yea, she's got your fannie right here!

    Thank you Anne King
    for JAMMIN with us!
    Your jewelry class this month was

    Dos Fannies JAMS with us year round & it's
    SO JAMMIN when Anne King teaches a class.

    The jammers jam @ jam - they picked pieces - they made JAMMIN jewelry!

    Happy JAMMERS we are!

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Chicken Wire JAM Session

    It's a Rustic Couture kinda JAMMIN
    Goin on!!!

    I got the idea from these local cuties!
    So, we hit Savers and bought old frames for $4.99, $6.99 & $7.99, headed back for a good-ole-fashion chicken wire jam session and made some of our own!

    1) Tear em apart :: take off the backing, pictures or canvases, wiring and glass and then spray it the color you'd like!

    Next :: Cut poultry wire (aka. chicken wire you see on the coop) and cut it to size. Then using a staple gun, adhere it to inner lip of frame backing. Carefully bend wires in so the are flush & whalah - you've got your own chicken wire frame for hanging whatever you'd like. You can use hooks or clothes pins - I also thread fabric through min to change up the look!

    Yup - JAMMIN!