Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whose Junque is this?

It's ours!!!

Thanks to Michelle Ramirez, the delightful talent from Coronado California! As pretty as this junque is, if you can imagine, Michelle is 100 x prettier. Her amazing sweet heart shines through in all her pieces, allowing us all to share in her spirit.

Michelle is a girl who grew up watching her Dad make jewelry and has followed in his footsteps....
She gets giddy when playing with rhinestones and glitter....
She loves beach living with her family during the day and crafting at night....
She can be found at her local
flea markets treasure hunting quite often; and
She enjoys life's little joys...

Lovely Junque is where you'll find her handcrafted charmed jewelry and home decor pieces. She finds such happiness in creating personalized pieces for gift giving or that special occasion, so feel free to ask about that one of a kind trinket.

You can order your custom pieces from Michelle & have shipped right to your very own jam for pick up.

This junque will be JAMMIN around Arizona as it's found a new home with us.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


joy at jam - wednesday december 8, 4-8pm
old town scottsdale
the historical charles miller home
6938 e. 1st street 85251

Monday, November 22, 2010

JAM is one of the top 10 topics swirling around the Arizona Republic right now!!!

~We're Buzzin ~

jam is in the same article as Kate Middleton and Prince William, Vogue, JLO & Marc Anthony thanks to the Arizona Republic's Style File!!!

Casey Hagarty reported this after previewing jewelry and clutches from a few of jam's artists: Amy Mac, Flippedbird, Jewel Ya, Labyrinth, Lovely Junque & The Lovely Letter.

We're so HOTTT right now! Thanks Casey . . .


Thursday, November 18, 2010

la Ricki ROCKS!

Oh la la!!!!
Everyone needs a la Ricki in their toolbox!

I have these AMAZING ideas! I really do. They are fearless & fun & I usually have no idea where to start! haha

I turn to Ricki and say, "Ricki, I want blah blah blah blah blah and blah blah blah" and she responds with, "so how about this and that and this and that?!"

Shauna: OMG yes, you speak my language! Thank you! You are a creative genius with all the right utensils and you've read all the right blogs and you know all the best places! And, you are a visionary and so very talented! Thank you x 100 Ricki. When people ask me what is in my toolbox right now, I say YOU!

Look at the brilliant Joy at jam tag invitations that feel from her fingers! This is them in the making . . . before the glitter even hit em! Ah, sigh, I love her.

You can find la Ricki paper crafts at jam & Ricki herself. Her custom party planning is off it's head and she is a consultant goddess. You will be able to see her talents floating the shop around-the-clock and you will also be able to put her in your toolbox because she is for hire!

Finally a real-live fairy tale come true . . . . . my very own alchemist.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Loveliest Letter of All


Finding she had a love for lettered pieces, Jodi started The Lovely Letter, featuring wax seal and glitter jewelry. Not only can you count on seeing Jodi's lovely letters at jam, you can count on seeing her as well . . . she is a local!!!

Soon Jodi will be adding fine silver to the Lovely Letter family.

The Lovely Letter is a handcrafted jewelry business, featuring wax
seal and glitter jewelry pieces. Need your jewelry
customized, contact The Lovely Letter at

(**p.s. If you are a local too you'll be able to pick em up at jam within a week after submission.**)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank You Michael Craig for the Shout-Out!!!

Good Bye Poker - Hello jam!!!

For the last two years I have had the honor of working with one of the smartest people I know and now one of my closest friends!

Thank you Michael. Thank you for everything . . . for your kindness, for your support & for the shout-out you gave jam in The Full Tilt Poker Blog by Michael Craig! My days of interviewing professional poker players and dying Shvivee's hair green for his birthday in Vegas may have come to an end but one thing that will endure is our friendship! I have my coat and my hat and I am definitely ready to JAM!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello Arizona!

Allow jam to
Miss Longshore!

I am honored to be the first in Arizona to share with you ~ Sarah Ashley Longshore ~ creator of Longshore Gallery Studio in New Orleans & Curator for JAM in NOLA! Her art is off it's head and completely brilliant!
Her work is going to turn Arizona upside down!!!


- Sarah has created custom paintings for the new movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn;

- She was featured in California Home and Design Magazine September 2010 issue;

- Also, featured in the JULY AUGUST issue of new national publication POP
SURREALISM MAGAZINE: a division of American Contemporary Art Magazine; and

- Has designed for Anthropologie: All design featuring her artwork
creating custom designs for chair-line featuring her art - spring 2010,
hand painted 3000 bowls for new store in Chelsea Market in NYC,
designing curtains and rugs featuring her art for spring 2011 &
designing new chair-line with African theme for new
Anthro collection
Spring 2011.

**I met SAL when my oh so smart legs walked me right into her gallery on Magazine St . . . I walked out with Miss Bull Shit herself and my life has been a bit more fabulous since**

~ jam will be featuring the works of this talented southern belle starting December 1 ~ Who knew Time Out could be so cool!?

~Joy at jam ~ December 8th from 4-8pm~

Thursday, November 4, 2010


What have you dreamt of learning? What are 10 things you wish you knew how to do today that you haven't already learned?! What do you want to make happen?

jam's got it!!!

** I'd like a white pony (or unicorn) in my living room **

Starting tomorrow, jam memberships are officially available!!!!

jam will host daily classes, led by the Valley’s most skilled artisans, trades people, teachers, and practitioners, in the arena of arts & social interests – from welding to calligraphy, from playing poker to baking a pie, and everything in between.

~ December's class schedule will go out in advance to all member's on Wednesday November 24th ~

jam is located in the heart of Old Town at 6938 E. 1st Street, Scottsdale Arizona 85251

Monday, November 1, 2010


Little Jam Teasers Went
Out All Over Town Today!!!

Jam will be open in exactly one month from today . . . ahhh, the start of a wonderful, new, and beautiful concept . . . with the coolest people involved!