Saturday, April 30, 2011


Jami + Mike = JAM . . . Jammin LOVE

Happy engagement to the sweetest couple around! J.A.M. (Jami and Mike)

Love is in the air, breathe deeply! Yup - love was all around!

Jami & Mike have the sweetest friends and family - who threw them the
sweetest engagement party @ jam!

Tummy love!

Bartender baby love!

Mommy love!

Parental love!

Friends for ever love!

Friendship love!

Bromance love!

A lot of kickin back on the porch enjoying wine-and-visiting love!

Even wine sack love by EA Designs!

Isn't this the cutest hostess gift ever . . .
. . . with the tastiest bubbly to go with it!


We're SO JAMMIN in So Scottsdale with our very own JAMMER, Summer Ross

Summer Ross is SO JAMMIN!

Look out . . . our gorgeous friend Summer Ross is JAMMIN in
THIS month's So Scottsdale!

May starts tomorrow and we're kickin it off with a bang in Old Town by celebrating May Day and hosting our 1st JAMMIN Flea Market & May Day event!

May is also the month of "moms" as Mother's Day is May 8th!

So Scottsdale Magazine is celebrating local mom's in this month's issue
by capturing & interviewing local mom's in fashion!

Well, look who's JAMMIN now! Our very own jammin friend, Summer Ross!

You can find her on page 78 in So Scottsdale's May 2011 issue
wearing a Dos Fannies cuff, Labyrinth bracelet & Lovely Junque necklace
all purchased @ our little slice of jammin heaven
in Old Town Scottsdale, JAM!

When So Scottsdale contacted our JAMMIN publicist, Jami Thompson,
of Shine Factory (*making brands famous*),
she immediately thought of Summer Ross!

Summer hits up jam for so many of her jammin finds!
How stoked we were when she decided to have
her photo-shoot for this issue right in our little bungalow!

She is a stunner!!!!

We are SO lucky to be jammin with her - even more because she embodies
the jammin spirit of our little space!
*Happy, authentic, true to herself, inspiring & magical in every way!*

How fortunate we are that she loves & adores all the
handmade, homemade goodies that our
jammin artists are making!

A little jam trivia: Summer's sister, Mckenzie Perini, is the jammin artist & founder of Labyrinth bracelets out of Carlsbad New Mexico!
It's one big happy-jammin family around here!

And, in honor of tomorrow's Jammin Flea Market & May day event, I thought it only appropriate to share the picture of Tara Hitchcock, Channel 3's news anchor for

Good Morning Arizona will be
filming LIVE from our JAMMIN Flea Market tomorrow from 7am-10am!

Thank you Tara for all you do to represent & touch our community!

We Love JAMMIN with you ladies - you wear "it" so well & yall are

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interior Design with CBV Interiors is JAMMIN

Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Thank you Caroline! You are SO jammin!

"If you're going to do it, then do it right. Lighting!"
"Always pick the down when getting your sofa."
"Bathrooms are gem spaces."
"Always go with the eggshell finish in your paint."

Those are few things you would have heard had you been jammin with us the night that Caroline taught the basics of interior design @ jam!

Caroline is so alive and always creating . . . your look, not hers!

Elements of art :: a.k.a., foundation of house.

Principles of design :: a.k.a., Structure that goes on foundation

All of that is always in play in every space!

Yep - lots of info covered in a little bit of time. Caroline is brilliant
. . .which, takes me back to lighting;
did you know that halogen is the cleanest/purest
form of true sunlight?

One more word of wisdom in the design department: pick out 4 colors for when decorating and use them throughout your entire house . . . pull it through. . . . it brings it together!

Jammin decorating to you!!!

To reach Caroline:
#602-214-5225 or email
$125/hr for CBV consultations with Caroline

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Make sure to come out & JAM with us for some
ole-fashion JAMMIN & fun!!!

This coming Sunday @ jam in
Old Town Scottsdale!

A JAMMIN Flea Market & May Day Event!

LINK here for online Invitation & details!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

JAM has gone Rock-n-Rollin! Bye Bye Coastal, hello hot pink, black & denim

Think Records!
We have gone Rockin & YOU Better Come Knockin!

Our JAMMIN theme in the shop changes every 3.5 months and we've JAMMIN now!
It's JAMMIN, we're JAMMIN & it feels great to be JAMMIN!

Thank you to out first intern India who helped with painting bliss!

See yall @ jam!

wine bottles - to glasses

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

Wine bottles to water glasses for you!

We are JAMMIN!

4-pack for $20 @ jam!

In half you go!

Rinse & torch!

Hello gorgeous!



We. Are. Vividly. Evolving. Women Gathering!

"What a night we had! A small but powerful group gathered together, (ages 23-48) to begin learning about the POWER of the Feminine. How we all have access to it, both men and women, and how we have been divorced of it for too long. It is time to bring balance back into the world, creating union between masculine and feminine energies, the doing and the being, the external and the internal! And it all starts inside each and everyone one of us."

- Micheline Green, Life Coach

As a female business owner and artist I see now more than ever where my feminine and masculine energies are needed - often at the same time - to make the best decisions I can. I know that your W.A.V.E practice will serve my personal and professional life very deeply. W.A.V.E is both powerful and magical for me and I can’t wait for more!” -class participant

WAVE is beginning a three week gathering. Three times a week for three weeks to help participants begin their own personal daily practices. Classes will be small and intimate and be broken done into discussion, meditation, and stretching and breathing.

**If interested in gathering with us. Please contact, Micheline Green, M.ED**

Micheline Green pictured above

Medicinal Salve with Valley Permaculture Alliance

JAMMIN with Valley Permaculture Alliance

Valley Permaculture Alliance showed up to JAM with
Linda Curry from True Balance Wellness.
She taught the jammers how to make
medicinal salve with ingredients that grow right in our
Arizona desert.

Herbal Preperation Instructions included . . .
. . . . from the ground to the branch to the process o the jar for YOU!

Mormon tea, Chaparral & Gogi berries were all present!

We made Chaparral Salve . . . "simple nature" as Linda would say.

(Chaparral pictured above)

Desert plants anyone?

Full-on slide show was presented . . . Linda went through every step
and answered all sorts of questions to
help people understand the wide variety of uses of our desert plants.

What's a tincture? Decoction? Tea or plant? Safe or poisonous?

Olive oil, cheese cloths, beeswax & more . . .

Strain the infused liquid from the plants . . .

(shredded beeswax pictured above)

Wha-laa! There ya go - first aid made all natural!
And, it was SO jammin!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Meet Raymond Prohs - co-founder of Shivaloka Soul Jewelry, an

amazing jewelry line that we have started to carry at jam!

We had a welcome party yesterday to celebrate the arrival of the jewelry to Arizona & to our shop. It was such a treat to meet Raymond and have him here to meet people who have fallen for his jewelry and hear him speak to the people who were wanting to learn more. Talk about a knowledgeable man.

Raymond — a powerful healer, spiritual teacher, astrologer, & author, shared some amazing knowledge, and many of the secrets behind the history & design of Shivaloka’s beautiful, healing “personal power objects”.

A smidge about Shivaloka :: Since ancient times, objects of immense power have adorned India's holy men and women…as well as her rulers. Found in Nature — their use prescribed by great spiritual masters — these objects open a direct connection with the Divine, increase wisdom, protect from the forces of negativity, and awaken shakti, one's own spiritual power.

Now, at the turn of the Age, Shivaloka™ is reviving this ancient tradition with sacred jewelry designed for our modern times. Using India's holy power beads — genuine rudraksham, lotus & tulsi seeds, and pearls, carefully sourced in India, Indonesia and other parts of Asia — we handcraft exquisite designs, combining them with finest precious & semi-precious healing gems.

In the making of these fine products, Shivaloka™ provides life-security to indigenous artisans in Bali and the perpetuation of their craft. In addition, a substantive portion of the profits goes to “hands on” charities around the globe directly aiding the poor at the local level.

Shivaloka™ is a collaboration of a group of powerful healers in a divine lineage of supreme Indian masters. Each design is created after long periods of meditation and every piece is blessed to further empower the holy beads.

Experience the sublime energy and positive changes in your life that surely come when wearing Shivaloka Soul Jewelry™, the world's most unique and elegant concept for conscious accessorizing. Om Namah Shivaya!

Shivaloka's Mala Sundari (Standing for Beautiful Woman)

Authentic happiness and kindness was shared.
Thank you Shivaloka & jam for bringing us together!

Swathi Maa - co-founder & designer of Shivaloka Soul Jewelry