Thursday, March 24, 2011


Don't you just LOVE it when your friends
come over & JAM with you!

Love LOVIN on my friends & family!

I was so excited today when the baby whose sweet face I have looked into everyday (in One of a Cork's frame) since I opened jam came in to pay me a visit. MMM stopped over JAM with me in the Charles Miller Square in Old Town
all the way from Louisiana!

Meet Miss McKinley. She is JAMMIN.

MMM brought her precious cousin Miss Sophia - who ate strawberries & loved on Shvivee the whole time she was here.
All sorts of jammin was goin on during their visit.

Sofia & Shvivee supervised the reusing of wine bottles that was happenin in the back breezeway . . . those are gonna be SO JAMMN when they are done!

I had to take pics! "Come out on the porch yall, I love that you are FINALLY here!"

Mrs. Chris, MMM, Shanny & Emily
(See Em's cute Flipped Bird purchase from jam)

Don't for get Sophia & Shviv!

Love JAMMIN with yall! You have my heart!
Come back ya hear. ;)


  1. Loved JAMMIN with our Shauna and the boutique! Such an awesome place!!:)

  2. Great place and fun to see you. We'll keep those wine bottles coming - next delivery April 14th