Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alex Norrie Swimmers are JAMMIN


She is a badda$$ Aussie chick, my friend, and the AMAZING designer of Alex Norrie Swimwear! We wish we were her, but for now, we will wear her swimmers! Get ready to be really JAMMIN Arizona!

From the creative age of ten years old, and as a competing swimmer. Alex Norrie was intrigued by the functionality of her swimmers and the understanding of how they fit the body. She consistently found herself wanting to improve them. Alex was perplexed by the conglomeration of small details that made them challenging to use and wear. And through curiosity and effort continually found a way to improve them. This is where the story begins...

Being an Australian native it wasn't surprising that Alex found herself apprenticing in her love for designing and the beach under the talents that were offered through masters of fashion in her home country in the city of Sydney. Alex Norrie Swimwear was launched by the youthful age of 21 and captures the fun, vibrant, and glamorous aspects of Alex's personality and talent.

The new collection for Alex Norrie Swimwear is still young, funky, fresh, and flirty. You will find a motivated and talented designer throughout her journey when viewing the range from her first to latest designs. She is currently in her sixth collection and her drive to improve shows through the worldwide sourcing of good quality fabrics and top notch manufacturing. The details of the swimmer's signature pink Alex Norrie lining and individual ribbon strung pouches with each purchase are special additives that remind you how particular and precious each pair are.

Alex is positive that her line will have you feeling amazing and comfortable and will make the individual wearer feel special, attractive, and unique. Most importantly she wants to see ladies having fun in the sun with a vibrant energy that will carry them through the day allowing their femininity and confidence to shine through.

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