Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Boho Farm + Home is a little 1/2 acre urban farm in the heart of Phoenix.
They desire to live a simplier life & share
with the community by inviting others to join
for classes & events.
For more information,
follow them: bohofarmandhome.com

Caroline Broome Van Slyke is JAMMIN

She came & taught us everything about canning!
She is simply amazing!
A leader!
We are so super fortunate to know her and have her in our community!

We love BOHO Farm + Home (make sure to LIKE them on facey)
that she has created & we are stoked to
have many more collaborations together!

So, first and foremost, EVERYTHING gets boiled! Sanitary & clean!
Starting off with the empty jars!

She taught us her basic salsa . . . her mother-in-law is from south Mexico
and has all the secrets. She has generously passed them along to
sweet Caroline, who passed them all along to us!


Caroline said we would need:
10 eight oz jars with lids & tops
10 large ripe tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic
2 jalapenos
1 big bunch of cilantro
2 large onions
little bit of olive oil
garlic salt

Next, everything went into the blender . . .
for a quick blend, not too much.

Then we boiled that too!

Added a little "acid" . . . .

Caroline likes to use BRAGG organic Apple Cider Vinegar - she said she'd
love to plug them on our blog!
Click the link above and you can "BRAGG" too!

Then boiled salsa went into boiled jars!
We used these handy little tools she had!
Jarring colander to pour salsa into jar without
making a mess on jar rim, jar tongs to remove hot jars from
water & magnetic pole to remove boiled lids from water.
Sealed em up - boiled em again!

This makes them suction and release air.
Shortly after we were hearing the"pop" sounds
of the lids closing tightly on jars.
Caroline connecting with the jammers! CANNING IS JAMMIN!

We love you & we love BOHO Farm + Home!

P.s. Caroline loves loves this book!

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  1. Thanks Shauna!!! It was so much fun and can't wait to do more together in the future! Love you guys and this concept to pieces!