Wednesday, February 2, 2011

jam jam jam some Winifred Wisdom

Terry Parvan can definitely teach us thing or two! "They" (John Maxwell) say that we influence people everyday whether we like it or not - it's just whether we do it negatively or positively! Winifred Wisdom puts her positive thumbprint on your heart the moment your eye meets her art. Terry skips around town spreading the love, you can view her event schedule here.

Winifred Street you say?! What is that? Winifred Street is a tree lined street in a small town in southwestern Minnesota where Terry grew up. This mixed media artist creates Affirmation Art, Message Art, heART art, Mixed Media Collage, Art Cards that have been up-cycled and more.

She likes to use acrylic paint, paper, fabric and fiber, inks and color washes, found objects, vintage buttons and so much more. Most pieces have a vintage feel with colors that are earthy, rich and vibrant. She likes her canvases to have a timeworn, aged look around the edges as if it’s been picked up and lovingly handled for many years. "I never know how anything will turn out but everything has timeworn qualities and I’m always pleasantly surprised with the results," says Terry. "'embrace imperfection' in all that I create. So you might see a little ding here or a word that’s not quite lined up straight somewhere else. It’s really all about the message that I’m sending and there is a message within everything I create.

The message is what’s most important."

Every piece is handmade, homemade and heart made.
Every piece is original, unique, one-of-a-kind.

"Je veux etre avec toi"
- I just want to be with you.

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