Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Yelp's Lindsey Fosse jammed . . .

We hosted Yelp's office hours today from 11:30-1:30! It was so fun! Locals came by to drop off donation items for Yelp's LCSA adopted family.

I love YELP!!!

Anna Jones (jam's very own pilates instructor), Gabi Messinger from YELP, Marissa from Dunkin Donuts & Lindsey Fosse from YELP

Yelp supports local businesses and are always
reaching out to help the community.

Gabi Messinger, my friend, and the regional Yelp community leader for the Southwest has been an amazing contribution to Scottsdale and it was a treat to meet Linsey Fosse through her acquaintance.

We loved having YELP in the house this afternoon & look forward to our future events together!

Lindsey & local yelpers decorating holiday cookies in the front yard

Mini Yelpers making cookies with Lindsey

Lindsey Fosse - business first!

My Cookie

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  1. Last week Tuesday was my first experience with Jam and I was blown away. Shawna has a unique way with people and her store is amazing. I bought the most beautiful necklace and could and wanted to buy more. If you haven't checked out this store you should.....it is worth it!

    Marissa Keller