Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blissful Sunday

What a BLISSFUL Sunday!

After having a fantastic brunch my neighbor Christopher's restaurant, Cafe Monarch, on 1st Avenue (2 blocks away), we came back to jam and threw a sweet baby shower for our friend Natalie who is pregnant with twin girls! Britony decorated everything in pink and we made two of everything for our little nieces-to-be!

(Natalie & Britony)

jam was full of love & laughter!

Shvivee and I had visitors from Summer's yorkies, Bentley & Bella . . . we picked lemons from the neighborhood tree & someone even snuck a piece of cake when they thought no one was looking. I love jam, I love today!


  1. Did Shivee have cake too?

    -Jacqueline Fancher

  2. What a bitter-sweet day. We miss our good friend but shared the happiest of times there that day. Thanks for letting us use JAM for Nat's little baby shower, Shauna. Oh, the many memories we will create together here. You're amazing and I love your vision.