Thursday, December 16, 2010



Angels (aka: Nancy Pilgrim & Scottsdale's Calligraphic Society) sent us the sweetest calligraphist on earth!

~ Joyce Banks from Tempe Arizona ~

Joyce is the creator of BOOK GHOSTS - the daintiest and most fanciful book art that you can imagine . . . she came with one made for jam!

She makes these little whimsical haunters out of tea bags to live inside of books without marking the pages . . . she says, "next time you're at the library, consider inserting a beautiful book ghost of your own. You never know whose day you might brighten."

See! Magical Joyce!

Calligraphy was officially the first class that I took at jam . . . whoa, not easy! I did fall in love with it though . . . so addictive! I can not wait for her to visit again.

There are so many types of calligraphy . . . we worked on basic italic . . .

Me missing Miss Mack!

She called in the middle of our session to share her excitement in her new Labyrinth pieces - saying that she wished she was with us at jam everyday! I told her she is here more than she realizes - mixed right up in calligraphy class with us!

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