Monday, December 20, 2010

** la Ricki and CBS-Channel 5 for YOUR New Years Tips** **

la Ricki + Nadine@CBS 5 = FABULOUS

These girls will show you what we do at JAM! la Ricki rocked a segment that Nadine put together on New Year's Eve Party Tips . . . UNIQUE & on a BUDGET!

They talked shop . . . Easy, clean, and affordable food platters. Discussed THOUGHTFUL hostess gifts and visions for making your New Year's Eve toast creative. I am pretty certain this segment will air on Monday the 27th . . . I will keep you posted on the details!

Thank you to Kelly Ehlers for the introduction & love for JAM.

Nadine and the whole crew at KPHO-CBS 5 were friendly & sweet. Loved JAMMIN with yall!

Most importantly, la Ricki ROCKED as usual - she is amazingly savvy and creative! One of the most amazing and creative party planners I have ever met . . . or read about! *wink*
With Flipped Bird in her hair and Jewel Ya around her neck, she was one sassy mama!
Love that she is jammin with me!!! She is the gal with all the know!

(Our pretty Ricki!)

P.S. I'd like to mention again what an amazing publicist I have! Jami Thompson with Shine Factory!!! "Making Brands Famous" Thank you for jammin Jami!

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  1. How cool!! cant wait to see the segment air!! congrats you guys!