Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whose Junque is this?

It's ours!!!

Thanks to Michelle Ramirez, the delightful talent from Coronado California! As pretty as this junque is, if you can imagine, Michelle is 100 x prettier. Her amazing sweet heart shines through in all her pieces, allowing us all to share in her spirit.

Michelle is a girl who grew up watching her Dad make jewelry and has followed in his footsteps....
She gets giddy when playing with rhinestones and glitter....
She loves beach living with her family during the day and crafting at night....
She can be found at her local
flea markets treasure hunting quite often; and
She enjoys life's little joys...

Lovely Junque is where you'll find her handcrafted charmed jewelry and home decor pieces. She finds such happiness in creating personalized pieces for gift giving or that special occasion, so feel free to ask about that one of a kind trinket.

You can order your custom pieces from Michelle & have shipped right to your very own jam for pick up.

This junque will be JAMMIN around Arizona as it's found a new home with us.


  1. gorgeous jewelry! hey, if you guys are ever in need of some fine artists, let me know! (great blog by the way!)

  2. These are my most favorite jewelry pieces. I wish I could buy all of them. Such great stuff in the store that are so original!