Thursday, November 18, 2010

la Ricki ROCKS!

Oh la la!!!!
Everyone needs a la Ricki in their toolbox!

I have these AMAZING ideas! I really do. They are fearless & fun & I usually have no idea where to start! haha

I turn to Ricki and say, "Ricki, I want blah blah blah blah blah and blah blah blah" and she responds with, "so how about this and that and this and that?!"

Shauna: OMG yes, you speak my language! Thank you! You are a creative genius with all the right utensils and you've read all the right blogs and you know all the best places! And, you are a visionary and so very talented! Thank you x 100 Ricki. When people ask me what is in my toolbox right now, I say YOU!

Look at the brilliant Joy at jam tag invitations that feel from her fingers! This is them in the making . . . before the glitter even hit em! Ah, sigh, I love her.

You can find la Ricki paper crafts at jam & Ricki herself. Her custom party planning is off it's head and she is a consultant goddess. You will be able to see her talents floating the shop around-the-clock and you will also be able to put her in your toolbox because she is for hire!

Finally a real-live fairy tale come true . . . . . my very own alchemist.

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  1. yes la ricki is awesome! i love the little tags, i can't wait for the party!! be sure to send me one! :) xo