Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank You Michael Craig for the Shout-Out!!!

Good Bye Poker - Hello jam!!!

For the last two years I have had the honor of working with one of the smartest people I know and now one of my closest friends!

Thank you Michael. Thank you for everything . . . for your kindness, for your support & for the shout-out you gave jam in The Full Tilt Poker Blog by Michael Craig! My days of interviewing professional poker players and dying Shvivee's hair green for his birthday in Vegas may have come to an end but one thing that will endure is our friendship! I have my coat and my hat and I am definitely ready to JAM!


  1. reading that post by michael almost made me cry! lots of fun experiences, hard-work and lovely memories, all of them i know first hand. JAMMING is where your heart is, i am so happy you found your way!!! XOXO

    christina barry

  2. Your talents, my love, will not go unnoticed. The stars are on your side. I love you so much baby.

    xoxoxoxo your bff dinky

  3. So happy to see you glow! Follow your heart girl and all the stars will line up perfectly! We are so proud of you!