Thursday, November 4, 2010


What have you dreamt of learning? What are 10 things you wish you knew how to do today that you haven't already learned?! What do you want to make happen?

jam's got it!!!

** I'd like a white pony (or unicorn) in my living room **

Starting tomorrow, jam memberships are officially available!!!!

jam will host daily classes, led by the Valley’s most skilled artisans, trades people, teachers, and practitioners, in the arena of arts & social interests – from welding to calligraphy, from playing poker to baking a pie, and everything in between.

~ December's class schedule will go out in advance to all member's on Wednesday November 24th ~

jam is located in the heart of Old Town at 6938 E. 1st Street, Scottsdale Arizona 85251


  1. How do we become a member??? What if my kiddos want to take a they need their own memberships? Ooh, can you tell I'm a little excited? :O)

  2. This is awesome and exciting! Jam is going to be the hot spot. Looking forward to becoming more creative through all your classes!

  3. it was s0 great (and inspiring) to meet you!
    thank you for visiting our little shop...we look forward to collaborating in creative ways!

    PeAce, LoVe & OliVes,
    the shop keepers
    lani & laurie