Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All about Karen!!!


“Creating” feeds my soul,

Calms my mind,

and fuels my passions.

- kc

Hand cut metal & infused glass wall hanging!
♥ "LOVE" by Karen's conFUSED Glass ♥ ($60)

I have always been interested in materials that can change form, texture, or color.

Glass is the medium that allows me the freedom to be creative yet is a great challenge at the same time. I am forced to practice patience, skill, and focus when working with glass. One of the fascinating things about fusing is that you never know exactly how the finished piece will look. It demands giving up SOME control to the natural element. The result can be well orchestrated, surprisingly pleasing, or simply a great learning experience.

I’ve been “playing” with fused glass for over 10 years and specialize in custom pieces that reflect personality and whimsy.

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