Thursday, February 9, 2012

Infant Massage with Sirrine Studio

Jammin with Sirrine Studio

Teresa Porter teaches infant massage at jam!

To see her regularly scheduled
infant massage package - see her newsletter below!

We are goo-goo- gaa-gaa over jammin with her!
Infant Massage Classes

Take a four week class to learn tools that will last a lifetime!

Limited space available!

Teresa is a massage therapist, licensed in Arizona since 1999, and a registered yoga instructor, practicing in private and group settings since 2004. She specializes in therapeutic, sport, prenatal, hot stone, Ashiatsu, and infant massage. She was formally trained in infant massage by Tina Allen, founder of theLiddle Kidz Foundation.

As part of infant massage classes, parents are taught about differing types of touch, infant behavioral states, cues, and reflexes and how to incorporate massage techniques to relieve/relax issues such as: teething, digestion, constipation, sleep disorder, and even colic. In the crawler to toddler class, yoga poses and stretches for both the children and parents are incorporated to help break restlessness and disinterest for maximum benefit.

For you working parents, did you know that the
5-10 minutes you take to massage your child will wipe away those 5-10 hours you’re away from them? You are taking time, one on one, creating a stronger parental bond. I strongly encourage fathers to join mothers in the classes for maximum benefit. It is so very important that both parents have that time in bonding with each child. As a working mother of three, Teresa knows how important this is!

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