Friday, March 2, 2012

Valley Permaculture Alliance is JAMMIN

And Vynnie the Gardner is leading the way!!!

Part 4 of the Vegetable Garden Series covered trouble shooting in the garden. Jammers learned about techniques for helping plants to cope with our most stressful seasons of frost and intense heat. Topics included: sun & frost protection, pests vs beneficial insects, recognizing nutrient deficiencies, stacking functions to increase efficiency and the importance of continued thoughtful observation.

Vynnie covered all aspects of designing a productive vegetable garden in the low desert. This is a multi-part series guided jammers through the design process so that in fall they'll be ready to plant their first garden and be eating out of it shortly afterwards.

Nothing tastes as good or is as better for you and your family than homegrown food!


How do you become a jammer!? See Pic below! :)
Call Shauna Jean 480.522.5410

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