Saturday, May 7, 2011

We're with Heather! Yummy! Heather Gill photography is YUMMY!

Heather Gill Photography

You probably love food. You are a chef or restaurant owner. You are not known for doing things half way. You love to play in the kitchen, especially when you have fresh, in season ingredients. You know your photos and food styling could use a little help, and that’s where Heather comes in!

"I create and capture the beauty of food." -Heather

She creates and captures the beauty of food. She loves the beauty and unusualness in nature and she loves to show it in her work.
She believes people want to look at beautiful things. Food is beautiful and so inspiring.
She believes everyone should try bread fruit at least once in their lives.
Her photography makes people want to eat things they never thought they would by providing them with food that jumps off the page.
She believes in storytelling without words.
She believes in fresh-out-of-the-oven bread. (Can you smell it?!)
She believes in just-picked-from-your-garden herbs. (The basil is intoxicating!)
She believes in children knowing where their food really comes from. (She has a budding chef at home!)
She values client referrals and strives to earn your repeat business.

Heather is a culinary trained chef that loves the beauty of food and how it brings people together and memories flooding back when she smells something cooking! She offers food styling and photography as well as recipe testing and development. Please feel free to contact her for rates and availability.

Some fine art prints are available for purchase ONLINE or if you’re local a select few of her photos are available here at Jam. I am an organizer of Cupcake Love-In. She is also a contributor at Edible Phoenix Magazine.

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  1. love that top pic with those beautiful flowers...and vintagy red wagon in the back ground....mainly cause it's from my farm/market store. sweet. love heather...she did a shoot at my farm earlier this year. a beautiful, delightful, creative woman!