Monday, May 30, 2011

Restoration Plantation @ jam


Naked or Dressed!

Brent Hollenberg with Restoration Planatation has got the look!

Restoration Plantation will meet all your visionary needs!!! From color, to stains, knobs and finishes! You can meet with Brent for a free consultation on changing your naked furniture or his into the look that you want!

He has tons for sale on his website, Restoration Plantation *dot* com, and you can now find some of his newest pieces at jam!!!

He also has a free restoration furniture e-book that he just released available on his site he regularly films videos with instruction & pod-casts
of tutorials for those of you "do it your-selfers" out there.

As a jammin start to jammin @ jam, Brent is offering free in state delivery to any of his items bought from jam! JAMMIN!

Thanks Brent, we are stoked to be jammin with YOU & Restoration Plantation!!!

Vintage chairs from South Carolina, 1965, in store now!

"Hi, I would love to help you with your next idea and creation.
I specialize in furniture restoration here in beautiful sunny Arizona.
I can transform your old out dated furniture into something new and charming." - Brent