Sunday, May 15, 2011

JAMMIN Burlap Wreaths

EA Designs and all the JAMMIN burlap
that comes with them.

EA Designs :: Local pillow & accessory designer,
Emily Adams, makes custom burlap for your home & garden.
Everything from burlap pillows for indoor & outdoor use,
to pennant banners personalized just for you.

Guess what she taught at jam this weekend?!!!
Summer burlap wreaths for YOU!

Yep! And, there is a lot of preparation . . .
. . . . . at least 150 burlap & fabric 2 & 3 inch circle cut-outs per wreath!

A lot of happy burlappin' goin on!

A lot of jammin goin on!

And, sweet Summer bliss for the Adams!

EA designs sells these wreaths @ jam & also for custom order ($50).

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