Friday, July 22, 2011

What's New on Winifred Street?! Find out NOW!

What is new or up & coming on Winifred Street you ask?

Terry Parvan has a new line of cards all about SHE & what SHE can do. New covered vintage bottles. New heart shapes. New inspiration journals for doodling, writing, & more. This blissful heart has stayed very busy and continues to fill our love tanks!

For those of you that are already fans, you can expect to see more of the same goodies you love so much and also some additions using different textures using fabric, raw canvas, metals, wood. Between you and I . . . I heard heard Terry Parvan, founder and designing artist of Winifred Street saying that there could possibly t-shirts & posters with declarations in the future. Possibly canvas totes with declarations too!

We asked Terry where her love for what she does comes from, and she said, "I lose myself in the project and go with my flow. Creating is very calming, relaxing, energizing, stimulating, validating, promising, nurturing, forgiving." That would explain why we see all this in her work. Terry says, "I’m just a girl in the world who has something to share through words, quotes, art, heart."

Here is how you can embrace & support Terry's work: "Tell everyone, everyday about JAM and what happens there. Everyday is a new opportunity to spread your message, what you see JAM as evolving into, where it’s going. Don’t be afraid to shout it out. Those who matter don’t mind hearing from you and those who mind don’t matter!" That is Winifred Wisdom for you!

Beauty full Terry!

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