Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JAMMIN on Sonoran Living

Jewelry Junque Topiaries with Shauna Jean
on Sonoran Living Live

We love spreading the jam with you Andi!

Andi on today's Sonoran Living segment with owner of JAM, Shauna Jean:

"So, what do you do with the many pieces of jewelry that you have been given over the years?

You know, the broach that your Great Grandma gave you that is missing a stone, or the single earing that you know you will never find the match for. I store all of mine in a drawer that only gets opened maybe once a year.

Shauna Kupetz, owner of JAM , on the other hand, turns her junk jewelry into a beautiful jewelry topiary, and now you can too.

Here's all you need...
- You'll need a store bought topiary mold
- Ceramic, metal or wood base
- Wooden dowel
- Glue gun and glue sticks
- Sturdy wire cutter for trimming jewelry
- Floral arranging pins
- Ribbon & or burlap garland
- Combination of your own jewelry junk and store bought items from your favorite craft store

The How To's...
- Fit foam mold into base
- Dowel into topiary mold
- Dowel into base mold
- Start pinning and gluing your jewels to topiary mold
- Adorn with ribbons, paint, burlap garland etc.

Jam teaches several classes each week from how to make a yarn wreath to making jewelry topiaries. Check out their website or give them a call for more information."

Thank you Channel 15 & Sonoran Living for spreading the JAM with us!

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