Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mariana Marie

Mariana Marie Chalks it Up for LOVE!
Check out her sweet blog .here.!
She is one of the coolest things happening this Summer & we LOVE JAMMIN with her!

One of the leading experts for Bobbi Brown in the nation, and she is right in our backyard! Whewhoo!

You can find her at the local Neiman's from time to time, but she is also a talented hairstylist & photographer . . . making her way around the Valley freshening up your event!

The best part about Mariana Marie is that you get the EXPERT in the sweet & grounded girl that she is - its a 2-in-1 win with her!

When she came out for her jam-sesh, it was all about staying fresh & cool this Summer - we live in AZ - so it really hottt, but her tips can keep you fresh and cool anywhere!

An insiders secret :: These CREME brushes below are manufactured by the same company that manufactured the brushes for MAC and are the exact same brushes
but for 1/3 of the price!

Thanks for the tip Mariana! Us local celebrities, young professionals, stay at home moms and savvy shoppers appreciated the insiders knowledge!

Looking fresh & cool this summer was made easy - thank you to our two jammers below for sharing their smiles with us after jammin-it-up with Mariana!

Make sure to LIKE her Facebook Fan Page to stay in the loop and you can contact her on her Mariana Marie Website any day any time!

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