Thursday, October 7, 2010

THIS is what's happening hot stuff! Get ready!


Hello! A very special and darling piece of heaven on earth will be opening it's doors on December 1, 2010! A new beginning! 54 days and counting!

Those of you that are in close quarters to me have heard all about jam and/or are participating in some form-of-fashion! There are also many of you that have contributed from afar . . . via emails and conversations and simply being yourselves and inspiring me the way you do! Yippie, yay, thank you and, I am so excited! Either way and any way, I am looking forward to creating this blog as a means of sharing the bliss, keeping you updated, involved, and also capturing your thoughts (and daydreams)!

jam is a creative venue bringing together the best - a space of inspiration, magic and bliss. This artisans boutique is also THE space for crafts and classes in the arena of arts, social interests, and gatherings. We have created a feeling that taps into your spirit and feels like home. The best part is that jam is available for your parties and social events as well.

jam will be selling all sorts of pieces that are handmade, homemade, refurbished and reused. We will hold craft classes of all sorts, providing a place for people to unleash their creativity and ignite the hearts of those around them.

My story - Ohhhh . . . . too long and too crazy beautiful for this post. But, we are here now! I arrived here through a series of events, fantasies, and dreams, and the concept - now realization of jam - is alive!

For those of you that don't know me . . . you will!

My building - This little dream home (above) was built in Scottsdale, Arizona circa 1913. It belonged to Charles Miller, the man that brought electricity to the town of Scottsdale. The home has since been noted by the city as an historical property in its registry - one of only two historically registered in Scottsdale. Saved from demolition twice, it is a very charming building and I find it very special that it is still located in its city of origin. I would like to think that Mr. Miller would be pleased in knowing the passion and life energy that we are bringing to the home. (A small picture of the home in it's current refurbished state is above in the side bar menu of this blog.)

Our Mission: To be a harmonious creative venue that blissfully stimulates the senses of its community members and visitors, providing top-of-the-line craft classes and fanciful event space for people living in and visiting Scottsdale, Arizona, while consistently being a space of infinite growth to seasoned and upcoming artists and providing a place where people come to be inspired and to inspire others, while always remembering to give back!

I will attempt to post more over the next few weeks during the scurry and organized chaos of opening our doors, but until I do, remember I'll be back, we'll be seeing you soon, and it will be better than anything else! *wink*

The future looks fun.


  1. Shauna-
    You have such amazing spirit and vision. Jam will be the place all of your incredible energy brings everyone together. I can't wait!

  2. JAM sounds like an incredible idea and exactly the kind of place Scottsdale needs. Scottsdale seems like an art-friendly environment, but where is there where artists can show their work, and creative people can learn and be inspired regardless of experience or commercial talent? Once the word gets out, I think JAM is going to be "jammed" with creative activity.

  3. Shauna,
    how exciting! You are going to ROCK this!

  4. December is just much too far away! I am eagerly awaiting blog updates along with the rest of the growing JAM community. Congratulations!

  5. This is such neat idea! We will be frequent visitors! Can't wait!

  6. This is so great and I have an idea, so lets converse! By the way, I'm so proud of you all of the time!

  7. So HAPPY for YOU!! This will be such a fun place to come! Let me know how I can help!?! This is such the PERFECT thing for you to do!! Congrats!!!

  8. shauna,
    we are in the house behind you, symfonic marketing! send me an email - would love to connect
    kelly ehlers

  9. Congratulations on this new venture of yours. Its sounds great and I will be tuning in for more posts. It’s very neat that your place alone has so much history and you know what they say it’s all about location location location!

  10. HI Shauna, it's Daniel from England. We met at the Wynn over Matzo ball soup!! Hope you are doing well, looks like a great venture!!

  11. Oh, meant to