Sunday, October 31, 2010


Who, what & where will you be for Halloween?!

Such a fun holiday to tap into your magic and bliss . . . .

I will be the girl that calls & returns calls with a million people, continues to meet tons of new craftsmen and women, moves forward with setting up 100 (more) meetings, looks at loads of new art with talented artists (I will give you a sneak peek later this week) who EXUDE talent, hunts - finds - and frames old historical pictures of the Charles Miller property (I have already found one from 1955 when it was in it's original plot on the northeast corner of Scottsdale Rd. & Indian School), and be the person who gets ready to tackle the last month of duties before jam opens! Just one quick trip to Vegas and another quick trip to San Diego in between.

I AM STOKED! jam-a-lam-a-ding-dong here!

Next year this time will be spooktacular madness in jam, but for now I will be dressing the part of the character listed above!

Miss Jaimee Rose is in New York meeting THE & celebrating as Patricia Field herself - can you imagine doing any costume number in the presence of that creative genius!!!? And, little Noah Martinez was a zebra for his first Halloween out here in the land of the crazies . . . he made the cutest little Eskimo zebra ever! And my bestie in Boston, Natalie Bruno Mitcheson, (pictured above) was the ever so darling Tippi Hedren from Alfred Hitchock's classic "The Birds".

Today I will be dressed up in my Ross-a-roni t-shirt rooting for Cody "The Boss" Ross (who hit his first World Series home run yesterday as a birthday gift for his sweet wife Summer, who I absolutely adore) and the San Francisco Giants while rolling around in 240 jam jars with the ever-so-talented Ricki Uster from la ricki (she's the queen of craft & makes things too too cute - you can peek at her work that Arizona photographer Diana Elizabeth captured). The goal: tying twine & homemade tags on the jars so they are ready for my PR goddess, Jami Thompson (founder of Shine Factory - "specializing in making brands famous") to buzz buzz buzz all week-long about the exciting sensations that are around the corner at jam! One month and the doors will be open!

It's a gorgeous (1. very beautiful, very attractive / 2. very pleasant) day in Scottsdale Arizona today. I love this life.

Have a fun & safe Halloween!

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  1. hi shauna! thanks for the shout out, i appreciate. i love the jaimee rose/ricki uster group and i can't wait to meet you! xo