Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blessed Tuesdays!

Our Tuesday mornings have been
blessed 'round here!

Who knows what you're gonna get 'round here on Tuesday mornings at jam!?

With Winifred Street, u2rblessed & Five Times Blessed making it a regular monthly happenin' some would say we've been blessed!

We say we've been blessed!

Yesterday was weathered wood, paint, plaster hearts, heart boxes, loads of ink, black & white alphabet fabric flowers, fresh lemons & lots of laughs!!

Just a little Spring Fling!


  1. And don't forget those fabulous blood oranges you picked and the yummy cheese and crackers. I think cheese and crackers are a "must have" for Tuesday morning! i'll bring some next time!

  2. Tuesday are the best! I have had several people ask if we could do a Friday evening class for artist that have to work during the days, I'm game!!!
    Think I might have found a new craft table:)

  3. Tuesday mornings.... so fun, so heartwarming, so full of love. Shauna's Jam really has the 'it' factor!

  4. What time on Tuesdays? Can't find info on the website...driving me crazy!!!! Krista

  5. OK...found it... you updated your calender since yesterday...thanks!!