Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is the jam! What's New with CMR Designs you ask!?

So much is new & upcoming for Caroline Rocha & CMR Designs!

They are getting prepared to move into a new warehouse space & anxiously awaiting the completion of their jammin website. They have a new store carrying their product & many more on the horizon.

Check out their newest cuffs - perfect for Fall!

CMR Designs have great fans! And guess what - you can expect to see lots of new designs from Caroline!

"Purses! We have been working many hours perfecting our bags. They are available on a very limited basis, but we are excited to offer them to more stores soon! Aside from cuffs, we also make belts and belt buckles."

Spread the jam because that is jammin news!

Of course an added benefit that we have received from jammin with Caroline & CMR Designs is the jammin promo they have given to all the jammers! 10% of ALL purchases made @ jam!

Caroline shared that as an artists she loves what she does because it is such an amazing thing to share with other people. "I love to be creative and impact others at the same time. Doing what I love is such a blessing and joy."

When we asked Caroline what the community should know about

CMR Designs, she responded with,

"Each and every piece is hand made & no two are alike. We place great value in that and we like to emphasize the artistic proponent of each piece."

"You are fantastic Shauna!! Love and appreciate seeing the love on your facebook! We love JAM!!" - Caroline Rocha, the artist, July 2011

(Make sure to follow CMR Designs on facey -

they are so hip & have great giveaways!)

Thank you Caroline! We absolutely love jammin with you! Thank you for making this wonderful world a prettier place with your creations!

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