Friday, January 21, 2011

Miss Bliss is JAMMIN


The jammers rocked Miss Bliss's class last night and she rocked their creativity! "I loved it and got a lot out of Vanessa's class", was the first thing I heard from one of the attendees. All I could think of was how much my friend Marissa Kokhanovsky in Kansas would have freakin loved last night!

We are so fortunate to have jam and to have Miss Bliss in our city!

A little secret heads-up . . . Miss Bliss will be doing Boudoir Photo "Sesh" (as she would say) at jam all day February 2nd! Haven't even promoted it yet . . . this is officially the first spillage of info! Call me with any questions or requests - otherwise be on the lookout for more details to come . . .

Look who's creative now! :)

1 comment:

  1. Shauna is correct! I would have FREAKIN' LOVED this class!!! Miss Bliss has a new fan!! Can't wait to dig into her website! If it were practical - I'd for-go my purse just to have my Cannon hanging on my side at all times!! Love You Shauna!!!