Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Three of my favorite things about Thanksgiving

Happy JAMMIN Thanksgiving!

I've made it a daily practice to wake up every morning and go to sleep every night on gratitude. 
On Thanksgiving, I totally indulge!
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and three of my favorite things about that day are storytelling, eating & decorating.  Below I have highlighted three ladies that celebrate them all year long.

Here's to creating and telling some gorgeous stories, eating delicious food and making the places that surround us a bit more magical this holiday.
Cheers to making these things beautiful, Shauna Jean

Tell your story. Be remembered.

My friend Kindra Hall is a storytelling advisor, coach and author. She works with speakers, executives, non-profit organizations, salespeople, and many others to help them tell their story.
The link below will give you access to 4 videos that will help you tell your story better and will also keep you connected with Kindra so you can receive all the story info she sends out.

There is Always something ... beautiful.
SEE Salt believes that there is always something beautiful and delicious to create.  

"Through our video recipes our goal is to create actionable, realistic, affordable, and beautiful recipes that inspire you to create experiences with food no matter what the occasion ... especially when there is no occasion at all."

Link into my friend  
Jessica Helgeson's  
YUMMY site below.

Domestic Enthusiast.

If you want to see or create something beautiful, Jaimee Rose Style is a lovely avenue.
"These rock crystal sconces have my heart."
- Jaimee Rose

A statement like this
only comes from those directly connected to sorcerers of style.
Follow my friend Jaimee via the link below.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I love LOVE

 Yup!  I love LOVE. It comes in all forms. 
Most of all, I strive to make choices out of love.  I may not always make that decision, but I sure do strive. 
Here are 20 of my top favorite love pictures.

 These cuties belong to my friends John & Linda.
 These cuties are my friends Jeremy & Lindsey.
 My friend Collyn & her papa at her wedding.

My brother Jonathan with his son Brodie on his 1st birthday at nap time.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Making Magic in 2014

Well!  What can I say?  It's magical around here!  

JAM just celebrated 3 years on December 1, 2013. 
"A place of magic and bliss."  
"We tap into your spirit & it feels like home."  

It's been so awesome learning and loving this sweet place.  

I have learned a lot about me.  
And, in my opinion, it's all about self growth.  
For me, JAM has been magical.  I am grateful.

Love this life.


I started this year on the East coast with one of my dearest friends, Natalie. 
We played in the snow . . . our way.  
Wearing dresses & jewels.  

Natalie is an anesthesiologist in Boston and while at work on Thursday, January 2nd, she received a text from me that read, 
"hurry home for the photoshoot :)))".  
And, that's how it began.


People ask me all the time about my love and fervor for life.  
They tell me that they are in awe with my upbeat personality 
and positive outlook. 
I hear that my charisma is infectious & that I am inspirational.  

Wow. Seriously wow.  To me, that's living a dream.

Every time I hear those statements, it fills my heart. 
It never gets old.  I am addicted.  I am addicted to loving and to being loved.  I crave connection and I touch people's spirit. 
And, when I hear that, I feel honored that someone 
let me into theirs.

All of us have strengths and weaknesses.  
For the past decade, 
I have been very intentional on focusing on my strengths.  
My hypnotherapist, aka life coach, once told me that one of my life's fortunes has been that 
people open up their hearts and their homes to me.  


So,when I started my business December 1, 2010, all these traits about me were already there . . . alive & breathing . . . I simply wanted to create another outlet for them.  
I came up with JAM.

That winter I posted a picture that was taken of me with my two brothers, Jonathan and Max, and 
I asked people, "what's your magic"?  
These two guys are included in the core of mine. 

I also emailed dozens of my friends asking them, 
"if you could learn 10 new things today, what would they be"?  

See, I needed to create something bigger than me.  Something great - something magical that people could feel and see - something they could experience.  
I wanted to do that because that's what I was craving. 
What I have always craved.  See, that's who I am.  
I have love to give.  I want to be loved.  
I recognize today is a gift and I am grateful for the opportunity.  
I want to surround myself with people that share that excitement.

This life . . . it's just too fun! 
And, I have learned to be grateful for all of it.  
The not so good & the greatest of all! 
Everyday is an adventure, and that is the way I embrace it.

In my journey, I have learned that I am worthy. 
It's true.  
I'm worthy of all of it. No matter what I thought, or what I experienced, or what "they" told me, or what I told myself, 
I am worthy of all of life's miracles.  
And, guess what?  I am a magical ingredient in this life. 
To myself, my brothers, my family, my friends, my Shvivee dog, my community & my JAM.  

And guess what else?  So are you.  
YOU are a magical ingredient in this life!

 Back to when I opened JAM. 
I had in mind the duplication of my business in other markets, how much fun that would be, and the residual income that could bring.  
And, that is still a possibility that is on the horizon.  

What I didn't give much attention to was the fact that there were so many avenues where I personally, Shauna Jean outside of JAM, had so much to offer.   

So, I am trusting that process, open to everything that serves me, 
attached to nothing, 
and currently living a dream. 

2014 is about welcoming love.

Originally, I used this blog to connect with JAM 
fans and to document our journey and growth as a 
business and as a community.  
As we grew, I put this blog on the back burner and gave my attention to the most demanding things in my days . . . business away from the blog.  

This year, I plan on using this platform to share my spirit with you.  
To spread the JAM 
about the projects that I believe in 
& about the people that inspire me.  

The truth is, I know rad people. 
Furthermore, I am living from and wonderful at 
working from my beliefs.

So, there it is.  My magic.  

I work from my heart and my beliefs.  
I practice my gratitude. I share. I dance. I love. I reflect.
I always do MY best. 
My best to work from love. 
To make choices, and think 
from love - not fear. 
I focus on what I can control. 
I work hard at not personlizing others actions. 
I keep my word. I dont assume.  Sound familar? 
I am commited to personal growth. I take care of me so I can take care of those I cherish.
I stay open to new opportunity and operate toward win-wins.
I say I love you. I say thank you. 
I seek teachers and give my heart away.

Heal & grow!  
As my friend Bhante Sujatha says, heal through loving kindness.
Get out there and create your magical moments. 
Be happy, well and peaceful in that magical spirit of yours.
That spirit that only YOU have to offer!


Happy JAMMIN 2014. May it be full of love, laughter, good health and lots of miracles!

Feel free to follow, comment, share, & inquire.

Natalie Kyla Bruno, January 2014


Shauna Jean Kupetz, January 2014

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Howdy from JAM

We are Really JAMMIN!

Hello!  It's been awhile since I sat down and really wrote on my blog! For those of you this may may be your first time reading it. My name is Shauna Jean and I am the founder of JAM.  

I am going to be spending more time on this blog the second half of this year - updating our followers on what we are doing at JAM.  I would like to give you a more personal insight to our artists, our events and our happenings!    I will also start to share more insight of our behind the scenes around the shop.  

Today I would like to re-introduce our fans to Terry Parvan of Winifred Street.  
Earlier this year I asked our artists to send me an updated view into their bio & story.  Here is what Terry had to say!  :)

"Winifred Street is a tree lined street in a small town in southwestern Minnesota where I grew up watching my mom create something out of nothing many times over.  It’s where much of my creative talents were shaped and molded and, more importantly, remembered.  It’s the place where I learned that “if it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

My high school art teacher, Mr. Jaycox, inspired in me the possibility that I had artistic talent.  He once told me to never stop making art, that I was pretty good.  Of course I stopped making art and went on to decades of doing other meaningful things.  It’s funny how things eventually come full circle in life.

Today, I lean towards mixed media collage and create affirmation art, message art, heART art, quote art, eco-llage, art cards, gift tags, and more.  I like to use acrylic paint, paper, fabric and fiber, inks and color washes, found objects, vintage buttons, whatever I can find.  Most pieces have a vintage feel with colors that are earthy, rich and vibrant.   I like my canvases to have a timeworn, aged look around the edges as if it’s been picked up and lovingly handled for many years.  I never know how anything will turn out but everything has timeworn qualities and I’m always pleasantly surprised with the results.

My mantra in sharing art is to “embrace imperfection” in all that I create.  So you might see a little ding or dent here or a word that’s not quite lined up straight somewhere else.  It’s really all about the message that I’m sending and there is a message within everything I create.  The message is what’s most important.

Every piece is handmade, homemade and heart made.

Every piece is original, unique, one-of-a-kind.

I do some custom work as well and if you’d like to see some of those finished pieces or are interested in a custom creation, please contact me.  I hope you enjoy my work.  I certainly have enjoyed sharing it with you.

Peace, love, art, forever!
Terry Parvan

As you can probably imagine, it has been an amazing journey getting to know the coolest crew around.  People that believe in art, believe in themselves, believe in others, and are looking forward to jammin!  Thank you Terry for being part of our family!  

Pictured above from left to right:  Cecilia of Sew Lita, Alicia of Hot Chick Aprons, 
Me (Shauna Jean of JAM), Adrienne of Friday I'm Sassy, 
Terry Parvan of Winifred Street, 
Leah of Ruby Mae Jewelry, and Traci of The Urban Table.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Winifred Street Workshops at JAM

Tap into your spirit with 
Terry Parvan at JAM!

She has an assortment of workshops for May & June! 

Wednesday, May 22, Art Tags, 1-4pm @ JAM ($35)
Wednesday, May 29, Bottles, 1-4pm @ JAM ($35)
Sunday, June 9, Beginning Collage, 1-4pm @ JAM ($45)
Wednesday, June 12, Art Tags, 1-4pm @ JAM ($35) 
Wednesday, June 30, Wildflowers, 1-4pm @ JAM ($35)

You can sign up for her workshops directly by going to, www.winifredstreet.com/workshops